Beautiful Weekend

Today was a good day...
It was my dad's birthday.
William and Kate got married.
My favorite part had to be when he first saw her at the alter and told her she looked beautiful. Prince Charming for sure...
Hope you all feel beautiful this weekend.

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Wanted: In Black & White

Doesn't this braid look beyond gorgeous?!?  I definitely want to try this out.

A floppy hat would be perfect for the beach...or just for any day to keep the sun from burning me.

Masquerade party?? Hmm...my birthday is only about 2 weeks away...thinking....

Floral dresses...um yes please :)

Robert Pattinson.  
Ok I'm not in love with him or anything but I will admit he looks good in this pic.  I can't wait till this weekend because I'm going to go see Water for Elephants.  I've picked up the book about 5 times within the past years but have never bought it so I'm excited to see what it's all about.

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Hope and Love

I hope you all get to spend your weekend with someone you love.

photo: taken by my sis


Interior Design Turned Fashion

 The Inspiration

The Look
The Look
I've always loved the color grey with pops of color. I think that yellow is such a stand out color and has a summer feel to it and the blue reminds me of vacationing on the beach.  The flowing top mixed with a tight skirt has a more casual feel but still stays looking fierce with killer heels.  All you need is some sheer pink gloss to keep your look feeling fresh and not overdone with too much makeup.


Wednesday Wishes...

My Wednesday Wish is that I wish I could be back in D.C.
Back around the beautiful cool weather.
Back around the cherry blossoms.
Back around my sis and her family.

What do you wish for??


A Bit of Fun For Your Tuesday

I just found this video and this is just another reason why I love Sheryl Murakami.
Ever since I took one of her classes I've been hooked.


Strawberry Filling

Not to long ago the boyfriend had asked if I could make a cake with strawberry filling.
I've never made strawberry filling but followed an easy recipe.
All I had to do was cut up 2 cups of strawberries, add a cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and boil them in a saucepan.
I added the filling in between two layers of cake...it was so delicious.


Saturday Mornings Are Meant For Dreaming

The only thing you should be doing on a Saturday morning is dreaming.

I love how the bed is tucked away in it's own little corner. It kind of reminds me of a little secret place to lay down and dream all day.

I've also been obsessed with putting a bookshelf in my room lately, needless to say I'm in love with this one.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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While in Old Town Alexandria

It's been a while since I've been able to update but I'm finally back on.  I wanted to continue with some of my D.C. travels.  Last year we went by King Street but all the shops were already closed so this year we made the time to stop by some of the shops.  Although going down King Street at night is fun because of all the lit up trees, energy of people everywhere, and the haunted tours (we did that this year...so much fun!!), spending the day shopping about was a blast.

I want an inspiration board this big. 

After the shopping we went by Starbucks and since I hardly drink coffee, I got a hot chocolate to keep me warm from the chilly weather.  If you ask for an extra pump of vanilla, the hot chocolate tastes so much better (just a tip I learned while working at a Starbucks). 

We went to go visit the Carlyle House where they have a pretty garden in the back.  We stopped by here on the haunted tour and learned that it's actually one of the oldest places in Old Town Alexandria. that's not haunted.  It's said that the Carlyle's buried a dead cat in their home to keep it from being haunted...I can't remember from which country that belief comes from...


Weekend Wish

Wishing everyone a peaceful and beautiful weekend. While in D.C. My sis took some pictures of me by the cheery blossoms. I think she's pretty awesome as a photographer. I also wanted to thank everyone who's been stopping by lately. I love hearing from all of you and appreciate all the comments. Enjoy your weekend!!

Pic from my sister
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The Sweet Life

I just thought I would share some sugary sweetness with you all.  One more day and it's Friday!!!  I'm so glad I no longer wake up during the middle of the week wanting it to be Friday so it's the weekend and I'm off from work. Life just goes by way too fast that way.  Anyway one of the main reasons I went to D.C. ( I'm back in Texas now) was to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday. I wish we could have spent just a little more time together.  She warmed up to me the day before we left...typical...that always happens. 
Hope everyone loves cupcakes...Bella sure did!!

The party hat I made...


Photo Shop Love

Since I've been in D.C. there has been a lot of shopping.  Yesterday my sister drove me and my sister out of the city and into the country.  We stopped by some antique shops that my sister has been telling us about and saw so many pretty things.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

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