About Me

Hi, Welcome to Sea of Blooming Dreams!! I'm Erica, just a twenty something girl who loves to dress up and make things. Over here on the blog, I like to share crafty projects, my personal style, and a little about my life here in Texas. You can usually find me getting my hands dirty with glitter or roaming around in a dress. Oh and I'm a newlywed, so you'll hear a lot about my husband Chris and our cat Scar...these two guys make me the happiest.
Favorite Thing to Wear: Something sparkly and red lipstick
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
In another life: I was a beach bum
I never get tired of listening to: Justin Timberlake, Rise Against, Papa Roach, & George Strait
2014 Summer Dream: To get confetti bombed at a concert
 Hope you will continue to stop by here :)

Any  questions? Just email me :)


  1. Love the name of your blog!!! Inspiring post!!!

  2. That picture is rather cool :) and I live by the ocean, sadly i don't seem to appreciate it as much as people who don't. But it still is pretty beautiful.

  3. i am new here, and just wanted to say i love your blog, outfits, and unique pictures! i wish i lived by the beach, too :)


  4. Love your beautiful images!

  5. you are absolutely stunning, erica! can't wait to keep reading!

  6. Hi Erica
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Im loving looking through yours! x s


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