DIY//Ryan Gosling Ornament

 Today at work my job is having a Christmas tree lighting and they asked us to bring a special ornament. I always like to have a little fun with the holiday festivities at work so I thought this diy ornament would be a hit. I mean, come on, what's more Christmas than Ryan Gosling wrapped up in lights?? This diy would apply to any photo you have of you and your loved one or your pet...just have fun with it.
 Supplies: Scissors, brush, glitter, mod podge, ornament, photo (mine is just printed from the computer) via here
 Cut off corners to round out and fit to ornament
 Apply mod podge to detailed areas you want glittered.
 Sprinkle with glitter.
 Shake off excess glitter, let dry, and apply with mod podge all over.
 Once dried, apply more mod podge to edges and glitter. 
 Let dry and then apply mod podge again to seal everything in.
All done. Hang from tree!
Happy Holidays :)
xoxo erica


3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

I used to have a scarf that I got as a free gift with a coat purchase one year. I wasn't really into them back then but something changed this year. This year I was determined to buy a scarf for the winter season. Well last week, I finally bought one! I've been playing around with ways to wear it and so far these are my favorite three.
Look 1
1. Tie ends of scarf together to make it like an infinity scarf 2. Wrap around neck twice
Look 2
1. Fold scarf in half so that loop is on one side and the ends on the other 2. Pull one end through loop 
3. Twist the loop 4. Pull other end through loop
Look 3
1. Super simple, just belt it up.
Happy scarf styling!
xoxo erica
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