Hair Bow Tutorial

I'm a girly girl so naturally when I learned how to do a hair bow, I was hooked. How can you not love a hairstyle this fun...oh and the best part is that it's so easy. I promise it takes almost no effort and you can fix this up within a minute. Perfect for those days when you have little time to do something with your hair and want to have a fun attitude for the day.
 Pull hair into a high ponytail.  Pull hair halfway through rubber band so you have a high bun at top and your ends to the front of your head.
Pull apart your bun. Pull back your ends over the center of your pulled apart bun. Use a bobby pin to secure everything.
Oh look, you've got a bow in your hair!!
xoxo erica

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Into Action

 The weekend went by so fast but luckily it was a really productive weekend for me. Chris and I have been wanting to move in together and finally went to look at a few places to call our home. It's pretty exciting to finally get everything into motion and start talking about decoration plans. We also went shopping at the mall...it's been months since I've been to the mall. I usually do most of my shopping online now or at the thrift store. I ended up picking up this blouse from Forever 21 along with a few other things. Olive has always been one of my favorite colors but I didn't own anything in it. So glad to finally add it to my closet.
xoxo erica 


Monochromatically Speaking

Denim Button Up: Target, Skirt: Thrifted
Here's another all blue outfit...and yes I promise, I'm wearing shoes. lol. I love the casual girly feel of this look with a denim top and shimmery skirt. It's a fun combination. These were some lost forgotten photos from about a month that I found on my laptop today. I remember asking Chris that day to take some photos of what I was wearing and the camera died on us about 3 photos in. We ended up sitting in the grass and talking until the sun went down. Somehow my camera turned back on while he was messing with it and he was able to snap a few photos of the sunset...aren't they just gorgeous? He likes to take pictures of scenery, nature, flowers...all that good stuff. I think he's amazing. 
Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.
xoxo erica


DIY//Confetti Frame

 Supplies: Picture Frames, Glue, Paintbrush, Confetti 
(make your own confetti by hole punching tissue paper)
1. Make a glue + water mixture.
2. Dip brush into mixture and pick up pieces of confetti.
3. Place confetti on frame. 
4. Fill in white spaces. 
5. Brush over a layer of the glue mixture and let dry.
All done, add a photo of a fun memory.
This is a pic from Chris' 21st birthday. That was a fun night.
xoxo erica


Into the Blue

Blouse: Target, Skirt: F21, Wedges: Thrifted Rocket Dog 
Just a simple outfit. Blue on blue, mixed of different shades and texture. I didn't feel like dressing it up with heels so I went with summer wedges. Wearing a skirt like this can be dangerous in the wind. Dangerous but fun. I love the way it flows in the wind. This was a movie date outfit. To be quite honest   I've been having a lot of movie date outfits lately. Three in the past week to be exact. 
xoxo erica


Mermaid Braid Tutorial

 Hey it's Friday!! I wanted to leave you all with a fun braid to try this weekend. I finally learned how to do a mermaid braid. I've always wanted to know how to do it simply because of it's name. In another life I would be a mermaid. Last summer I really got into braids and they are my go to hairstyle whenever I want to pull my hair back...especially while working out. I usually switch them up every now and then. The mermaid braid has been my favorite this summer.
Separate hair into 3 sections, 2 large strands and 1 small strand
Braid up the large sections. Make sure to rubber band each braid.
Open up the first loop of the braid, stick finger through and grab the small strand, pull through.
Cross over and repeat for other braid.
Repeat these steps until you complete the full braid.
It should look like this. 
Rubber band the full braid and remove the rubber bands from your initial separate braids.
 Loosen up the braid &
 it's ready to wear!
xoxo erica


Conversation Cupcakes

It had been far too long since I've baked cupcakes so when my mom asked me to make some for a family get together I was more than happy. Any time is a good time for a cupcake but when you're celebrating they're even better with fun toppers. I couldn't resist but to make some that included glitter and sequins...my idea for a fun party.
 Supplies: Cardstock, glitter, sequins, glue, pencil, brush, glue gun & toothpicks
 1. Draw out or trace your letter from a template (I like to do block letters just so it's easier to cut out)
2. Cut out your letters.
3. Brush glue over letters and sprinkle with glitter.
4. Add a few drops of glue and add sequins.
5. Glue your toothpick to letter with a glue gun.
6. Repeat each step to have both a front and backside of your topper.
Frost cupcakes and spell out a fun message!!
xoxo erica


Life Lately

1. Wearing stripes and spikes to a lunch date with mom.
2. My running partner. For the first time I was ahead of him. 
3. In the dressing room. This dress didn't fit. I was so sad I could cry.
4. Cupcake...life lately posts used to always have a cupcake pic. Needed to bring that one back.
5. Wearing my galaxy leggings while relaxing about at home.
6. Shopping in a monochromatic look.
7. Freshly painted nails...being matchy match with Scar.
8. Movie time, 3D style.
9. Accessories!! I have them, I just need to start wearing them lol.
10. Took this pic after a nap. I was worn out from my sister's baby shower that day.

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xoxo erica

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First Beach Trip of the Summer

 The beach has alway been my little place of happiness. Every year for my birthday I always tell Chris that I want to go to the beach but every time we plan it, it rains...bummer. We finally decided to make it a point to head out there this summer. It was a beautiful day and the water was refreshing to be in while out in the hot sun. There was actually a shark attack at this beach about 2 days or so before we went...eek!! so I really didn't go out too far in the water. Either way I was happy, I could just sit on the shore all day and let the waves crash on my skin. Oh and we even managed to get the truck stuck in the sand...see the pic of me standing in the hole...it was pretty deep. When a huge truck came by and pulled us out, there was an applause and cheers from all the people around us. About 2 other trucks had tried earlier and failed miserably...3rd times a charm. We can laugh about it now. Hopefully we will make it out to the beach at least once again before summers over...crossing my fingers.
xoxo erica
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