A Look Back at 2011

I just thought I would share a few photos and highlights I liked from 2011.

This blog was still pretty new in January. I rang in the new year at my sister's house, started wearing Christmas presents like this purple blouse for outfit posts, and discovered that the boyfriend's ranch is a beautiful place to take photos.
Roses for Valentine's day is always the best. The weather is always a bit funny, it's still cold enough to wear tights and a sweater but then warm enough to wear fun spring prints. I also bought this cute cat ring...which is now lost :( This is also the last month I had my natural hair color...I'm not too sure if I'm going back to black but maybe soon.
I almost didn't blog at all during March...I think I only had 3 posts. I went to the beach that month and by the time I shared these photos I had left my job I had for the past 3 years and felt fully inspired for new beginnings. I guess that's what the beach does to you, it's one of my favorite places to be although I don't get the chance to visit that often.
I started off the month to a great start with a trip to visit my sis in D.C. While there we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday, did a photo shoot with the cherry blossoms, and visited a few museums. I happen to love this picture of Julia Child's show kitchen...I had just seen the movie and been gifted one of her cook books. I also shared this photo of the boyfriend and I, it's one of my favorites.
This is my birthday month and I didn't even post about my birthday...lol. I did however go to an amazing concert in San Antonio that changed my views on Avenged Sevenfold, sewed my first attempt of a skirt, tried a new hairstyle, and took this photo of Tyson, my brother's dog. He passed away about a week ago but looking back at this pic makes me really happy.
On the last day of May I went to go see my favorite band play. By the early hours of June 1st I had met the singer, Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach...I was a happy girl. Oh that photo of the hot rockstar is Jerry Horton, the lead guitarist...love.  I also took photos of my flower rosette heels with pretty little flowers, learned that running in the beauty at my boyfriend's house beats running on a treadmill, and wore white pants for the first time ever...they were for a class project, I added lace inserts.
I shared this photo of the 4th of July cake my family makes every year. It seriously tastes as good as it looks. My sis from D.C. came down to visit and we did a little photo shoot, I sewed another skirt after being inspired my other fashion bloggers, and snapped this photo of my bow heels...they were a go to favorite I wore all month.
The boyfriend had asked me to be a little creative when baking his mother's birthday cake so I did layers. So far I had made all of the birthday cakes for his family...I was a bit flattered. His sister's birthday is coming up in January...will I be asked again? Do I really impress with my cake baking skills? We will have to see...I also played mixologist and learned how to make a dunk margarita, found this tutu skirt which has become a favorite in my wardrobe, and started being more experimental with clothing...this fun print skirt is really a shirt.
It gets rather hot down in Texas so for those too hot to handle days I often cool down with treats like sno cones. This photo was taken at a local favorite. Something to love about Texas...my sis had finally moved back and now I get to see this cutie more often. I ended up seeing Avenged Sevenfold...again...that was 3 times in one year and they were even better than the time before. I also shared these fringe ankle cuffs...my favorite diy. 
This happens to be one of my favorite months. The county fair comes which means good music, rides, and delicious foods like corn dogs, cheeseburgers, turkey legs, caramel apples, lemonade, sausage on a stick...really I could keep going on...I eat pretty bad all week. I also visited a pumpkin patch for the first time, shared some love for the Texas Rangers...too bad they didn't win the World Series, and I let the boyfriend play photographer. This is a photo of the early morning behind his house...the sunlight coming up really is gorgeous.
This month was all about enjoying some cooler weather. I started wearingmb my leggings again and tights became an almost everyday must. Now that I was working a part time job in the mall, forever 21 was right around the corner which means time to buy more accessories. I also wore a maxi skirt for the first time, I had been wanting to try this trend for some time.
Sea of Blooming Dreams turned 1!! I'm still excited about that  and so happy to have you all here :) This birthday photo shoot was something my sis and I did together and I loved the results. I rocked out in sequins to one of the best concerts ever this month. If Rise Against ever comes to your town, you have to see them...trust me they are beyond amazing. I'm also happy to see that after year later of starting this blog I'm still having fun doing outfit posts and sharing them with you all.

See you all in 2012. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!


Breaking Up Black

Cardigan: Borrowed, Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Rue 21, Tights: Target, 
Boots: Charlotte Russe, Belt: Gifted

Whenever I wear a lot of black I try to wear something to draw attention elsewhere like a stripe cardigan or statement belt. My mom got me this belt for Christmas, love it. Do you like wearing all black or do you try to mix it up with a bit of color? 
I went out to breakfast this morning to my family's favorite place to get tacos. This is actually the same spot where I took my first outfit post for this blog.


What's In My Bag

I almost never show what bag I'm carrying around when I do outfit posts, so I thought it would be a little fun to show you all what's in my bag. Lately I've been carrying around this Betseyville crossbody...here's what's in it.

1. Car keys-with a California and Tinkerbell keychain
2. Selena cd-I just bought this album although it came out in 1994...still such good music.
3. Revlon's Facets of Fuschia-My current color of choice
4. Accessories-They are just thrown in my purse, probably a good reason why I lose most of my accessories.
5. Chapstick-I can't go anywhere without it.
6. iPhone 4-love it
7. 1st generation iPhone-As you can see it's all cracked but I still use the iPod when I go work out.
8. Sketchbook, Pencil, Pen, & Marker-I'm always jotting down inspiration.
9. Wallet-Currently holding all the essentials, Starbucks gift card, and a photo of the boyfriend and I when we first started dating.

What's in your bag?


I Think His Tractor's Sexy

Coat: Candies, Top: Bebe, Skirt: Thrifted+DIY, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff

I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays. Mine was great and pretty busy so I took yesterday to relax, do a little shopping with all those Christmas gift cards, and catch up on all the tv shows sitting on the dvr. Before shopping I had the boyfriend snap these photos of me with this tractor at his place...I thought it was fun. If you follow my twitter you may have seen a pic of this skirt last week. It was a thrifted skirt I up-cycled and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I plan on sharing with you all just in case you want to make an old skirt new again, so stay tuned :)

**These photos just brought to mind a Kenny Chesney song...She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, an old favorite that got me into country music.**


Giveaway Winners

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Just a quick post to congratulate all the winners!

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Happy Weekend + Dreamer Giveaway

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Let Me Help Add to Your Accessory Collection

Since starting this blog, I came to realize how lacking my accessory department was. I think I probably owned a heart locket the boyfriend gave me for Christmas years ago and a nameplate I got on my 15th birthday. Within the past few months I've been growing my accessory collection and happen to find that there is one store I can't help but love to go shopping at. To celebrate my blog's birthday, I knew Forever 21 would be the place to go (it's my favorite after all) to get some pretty accessories for you. 
Don't you just love them??  

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Happy Birthday Sea of Blooming Dreams

I can't believe it's already been a year! This little blog is finally 1 year old and I have had an amazing time writing new posts, meeting new people, and being inspired by so much in the blogosphere. About a year ago I was stuck in a job that I really couldn't stand and had even got to the point where I could care less about my appearance because I didn't see anyone while I was at work. I started this blog to record what I was wearing so that I would start to put more effort into getting dressed in the morning and find that place where I could have fun with fashion again. A year later and I'm so happy to see what Sea of Blooming Dreams has become. It's been a great year and I'm looking forward to another. Thank you all my amazing readers for continuing to stop by throughout the year. 
You all are the best :)


I just wanted to thank you all again for being such amazing followers.
I really love seeing that you stopped by and enjoy reading all of the comments.
I plan on doing a few giveaways throughout the week to celebrate.
Because I got so many comments about my nails and how much you all loved them, I decided I would giveaway a pair to a lucky reader.

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A special thanks goes out to my sis...She took all of these amazing photos!


Say Hello to the Sponsors

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Old Habits Die Hard

Top: Express, Shorts: Express, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, Earrings: DIY 

Lately everything has been somewhat of a chaotic mess, almost like this picture above. Mainly when I say everything, I pretty much just mean school. My last final is tomorrow and if my on call shift at work doesn't need to be used tomorrow night, I think a celebratory drink is necessary for making it through the quarter. This is what I wore to school today and how I spent my day. I've had this top for a few years now and I always feel great in it...just the shirt I needed for a day like today.  I'm currently running off of about 4 hours of sleep and tonight is going to be another long night. I'm working on a presentation board for my last final. I have a really bad habit of putting off school work until the last minute...something I picked up my senior year in high school that I've been trying to break. Unfortunately I guess it's true what they say, old habits die hard.

Do any of you have any bad habits you just can't seem to break? 
Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Can't Go Wrong

Dress: Simply Vera Wang, Tights: Target, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Ring: Forever 21

Today I woke up a bit late and had to run into town to get errands done before going to work. I happened to just throw this look together within a few minutes before heading out the door. I think a dress, tights, and boots have become my go to look when in a hurry. Do you have a go to look you pull together that you feel you can never go wrong with?


Over & Off

Sweater: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Socks: Target, Boots: Charlotte Russe

I just wanted to drop by and say hello in between working on projects. The weather here has been lovely with a nice breeze cool enough for a slouchy sweater. I'm usually not the kind that likes loose fitting tops but I'm really loving this sweater when it falls off the shoulder a bit. Hope you are all off to a start of a good week :)



I just wanted to share with you all what's been keeping me busy.
Next week is the last week of school. 
I couldn't be anymore excited. I'm really looking forward to the break :)

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Mine will be spent working on final projects :)
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