The Truth Is

Things have been quiet around here lately. 
A lot more than what I would have liked. 

But the time in between has been good and I'm telling you,
September is coming in full force. I'm excited about the things that will be 
happening here on the blog.

 I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented or just
simply stopped by within the past few weeks while things have been slow .
I love hearing from you and your positive energy always keeps me motivated.

xoxo erica


Day to Night: Black Jeans

I think pretty much everyone has a pair of black jeans. Ok I'll make a confession, maybe not me but I'm working on that. Hopefully this weekend, I'll be buying me a pair. I love the look of black jeans because they are so easy to style for a casual or dressed up look. Here's how I would wear black jeans from day to night.

For a day time outfit: I would pair black jeans with a knotted up tee in a bold color...fun sayings just make it better. Cute accessories like heart sunnies, simple studs, and summer like wedges keep the look feeling casual.
For a night time outfit: I think a peplum top adds a classy look to anything, so it's perfect to dress up black jeans and then with a sexy pair of heels you can't go wrong. Add just a bit of sparkle for some earrings and swipe on some red lipstick. This shade is Ruby Woo, one of my favorite reds. 

Which look would you wear? Day or Night? Both??

xoxo erica

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Anytime is a Good Time

Dress: Nastygal, Skirt: Thrifted, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff

I've always been the kind of girl who loves a bit of sparkle. I love to throw on a bit of sequin no matter what the occasion, even if there really isn't one.  I wore this dress simply because it makes me happy. It was the perfect thing to slip on after a week of wearing only office appropriate outfits. Even if Chris and I only went out for dinner to have a burrito, queso, and chips it was fun to wear this out.

xoxo erica

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Because I Deserve It By Now

Remember for my birthday I made a wish list of what I wanted? Well I finally got those Litas, better late than never right? I didn't get home till late last night so I slipped them on while having a glass of orange juice this morning. I just had to see what they felt like on before heading out to work. Love them! They are actually quite comfortable and easy to walk in and I love being somewhere around 5'6.

Yup I can tell we are going to have a happy life together.

xoxo erica


Golden Heart

Shirt: Target, Skirt: Delia's, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, Belt: Diament Designs

On Saturday, I got this cute little heart belt in the mail. I had been waiting and checking my mail everyday and was so excited when it finally came in. I wore it out the first chance I got for a little bit of shopping with my sister. It's become one of my favorites and I have been wearing this little heart around my waist just about everyday since. We also stopped by La Madeline's and had my favorite, the basil tomato pesto pasta...yum. Oh and a blueberry creme cheese croissant...double yum.

xoxo erica

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Life Lately

1. getting dressed up for dinner
2. The night we found out I got the job, we went out to celebrate.
3. Early mornings, still getting used to waking up earlier than I have in the past year.
4. Cupcake and a good book...I've already finished reading The Fame Game. Loved it.
5. We went to see George Lopez over the weekend. Laughed so hard I was crying...so was Chris.
6. Setting the mood with lights when my family had a karaoke party at my brother-in-law's request.
7. This drink was called a pineapple express. It made me think of James Franco so I had to get it.
8. S'mores...perfect on a summer night.
9. At the gym...I needed a good workout with everything I've been eating.
10. The best cheeseburger I've had in a long time.

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xoxo erica

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Interior Design Turned Fashion: A Pop of Color

I love this room with just a few pops of color. I'm a big fan of all white and think that everything looks a bit more polished. With the outfit I wanted to keep it simple but fun like this room with a hint of berry, chandelier details, and interesting cutouts. 

xoxo erica

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Fashion Chemistry: Asymmetrical Skirt

The moment I received this skirt, I started dreaming up the ways to wear it. The skirt is meant to be worn from side to side so it falls at an angle but I've been loving the high low trend that I couldn't resist trying it out with this skirt.

This is how the skirt would normally be worn only that I decided to pull up the skirt to an empire waist line. I've always liked a hem line that falls at an angle across the legs and then having a floral print along it doesn't hurt either.

I think this is a fun way to change up an asymmetrical skirt. It's a great way to get creative with your wardrobe and there are so many different possibilities to come up with. I love the draped I created with this one gives the skirt a short and flirty look.

xoxo erica

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Skirt: c/o Sugarlips


Block Party

Top: JC Penny, Leggings: Gifted, Heels: Target, Necklace: F21

This week has been quite eventful or rather just busy. Working two jobs has been getting best of me this week but at least this weekend will be all about having fun and maybe just a bit of relaxing. Tonight me and Chris are going to a concert to see Kiss and Motley Crue...definitely in for a good time. Oh and for some good news, my sister is finally moving down here today...can't wait for more days of being able to see her family more often. I wore this outfit out to the movies the other day. For once I just wanted to be comfortable in the theatre so I wore leggings and decided to dress it up with this fun color combo...love color block.

Hope you all have a fun weekend.

xoxo erica


How To Do a Unicorn Braid

I've just recently got into playing with my hair more often...braids seem to be my go to thing. Lately I've been learning how to do different types and thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you. This week, I'm starting out with something super easy...the Unicorn Braid (or as some people like to call the Rope Braid...but unicorn is so much more fun). This literally takes no more than a minute and is perfect for those days when you don't have time to fuss with your hair but want to look cute.

Here's How to do a Unicorn Braid.

1. I like to start with my hair straightend but that's up to you.
2. Make your part, I like to do mine to the side.
3. Pull all of your hair to one side.
4. Separate into 2 strands.

5. Twist one of your strands counter-clock wise.
6. Twist the other counter-clock wise as well. I usually just use my mouth to hold the 1st strand.
7. Start your braid by twisting the strands clock wise.
8. Twist all the way down, make as tight or lose as you want. Tie with a rubber band. 

All done, so easy right? And it seriously takes no more than a minute.

I hope you enjoyed this. Next week I'm going to share the 5 strand braid so be sure to check that out.

xoxo erica

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