What's Making Me Smile

 Chocolate cupcakes...yum

This week has been a really great from last week's crazy schedule. I've been able to actually get some sleep and feel good enough to start school back on Tuesday. Tonight me and the boyfriend are having a little stay at home date night. He's making dinner and I'm taking stuff over to bake brownies...oh and I'm bringing vanilla ice cream. Don't you think brownies straight out of the oven are the best with ice cream? The rest of the weekend will probably be spent hanging out at the fair. I plan on getting on all the rides, my favorite one is back this year and eating everything that's bad for me like foot long corn dogs, turkey legs, funnel cakes, lemonade, & a bunch of bbq. Yeah, I'm so not being healthy this weekend but hey I'll be happy :)  Here are a few other things making me smile right now.

 Getting more items ready for my etsy shop. 
I'm shooting for Monday...I'll let you all know :)

 This lavender macaroon candle has been burning in my room lately. 
After buying a few good scents about a week & a half ago from Bath & Body Works, I went to buy some more the other day. This one is my favorite!
Being done with this dress.  I didn't win the competition but it's okay, my sewing skills are not at their best. This is what I was making the fake fur for...a lot of hours of weaving yarn through netting. Honestly, I didn't care about winning, I just wanted to finish. It's the first dress I've actually made...so happy :)

I got this award from Kim over at Sassy Uptown Chic...thanks so much  Check out her blog here.

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What's been making you happy lately?


If You Want Something, Do It Yourself- Fringe Ankle Cuffs

After seeing these lovely booties online somewhere, I fell in love. 
I was instantly inspired and knew I could do something like this myself.
Do you want them too?? Here's how to do it yourself!

1. Fabric (I used faux leather)
2. Velcro ( You need 2 sets of connecting pieces to make both cuffs)
3. Scissors
4. Felt (I measured around my ankle & added about a 1 1/2 overlap)
5. Needle & thread ( I hand sewed mine but you can use your sewing machine)

1. I measured my faux leather to the length of my felt & cut to make the first layer.

 2. I pinned over about 1/2 an inch so that when I sewed it onto the felt it would have a more finished look.
3. Sew the first layer (the bottom layer) onto the felt (about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the felt)

It should look like this once you have sewn the first piece on from step 3.

 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the top layer: cut, pin, & sew.

5. Cut strips to create the fringe as thick or skinny as you like. 
My first few cuts were a little crazy as you can see but they looked better as I kept cutting.

6. Place the cuff around your ankle and locate where you want your velcro to attach to each other for a good fit. Pin one side of the velcro to the outside & sew into place.

7. The other side of the velcro will be sewn to the opposite end on the inside of the cuff. This is the end that will wrap around your ankle to meet where you've placed the other piece of velcro that connects to it.

8. This has only made one cuff so far, so you need to repeat all of these steps to make the second one.

That's pretty much it! Now just wear with whatever shoes you like. 
Feel free to trim the fringe shorter if you like or just try this with one layer of fringe.

Hope you all enjoyed this :)
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me.


Me & Black Just Go Together

Top: Too old to remember & the tag is gone, Skirt: Rue 21, Heels: Ross, Ankle cuff: DIY project

Yesterday had to have been my most productive day in such a long time. I took about 7 things off my to do list...how awesome is that!?! I wore a pretty simple outfit in my two favorite colors, purple & black but I think each piece has something special about it.  My top I've had forever, like high school days. It's one of those things that when you're cleaning out your closet, you just can't get rid of it. It's sheer and has polka dots all over which are a bit hard to see in these pics. The skirt is something I wear all the time for 1, it's black & 2, it has ruffles. These heels I hardly ever wear and pretty much forgot I had them but my go to black pumps are missing and so I decided to wear these.  I love the zipper cut outs and I think they look great with my fringe ankle cuffs.  The ankle cuffs are a diy project I plan on sharing with you all tomorrow.
Hope you all have a good day dolls :)


Blink Me

 Tank: Marshals, Jeans: Forever 21, Wedges: Marshalls

So last night was the Blink 182 & My Chemical Romance concert.  We pretty much went to see My Chemical Romance and took a chance on Blink 182. I've always loved MCR's old stuff and their latest album has started to grow on me. They put on an okay performance but I've seen them better and felt just a bit disappointed. Now I wish I would have been a Blink fan because I probably would have felt like I was at the best concert. These guys put on a really great show but unfortunately for me I just couldn't get into it. Even with the songs I did know I still didn't feel like I was having an amazing time. This was the first concert we actually left early for...that NEVER happens! Oh well first time for everything right? 

Have any of you ever seen Blink 182 or My Chemical Romance? 
What's your take on them?

Here's a video of one of the 5 songs I knew from Blink...first date :)


Back to Normal

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Made by me, Heels: Steve Madden

As you may have noticed I've been gone for about a good week.  I was super busy and I'm glad that the school quarter is over. Now I've got a whole week to myself without worrying about projects and deadlines :) The weekend was great, I attended an 80's costume party...if I get the pics from my sis, I'll be sure to share. Now that it's Monday let's start off the week with a good start. Do you have any fun plans for the week? I'm going to a Blink 182 & My Chemical Romance concert tonight. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :) This is an outfit I wore sometime last week in between all of the chaos.  I had lost my camera cord and couldn't share them with you last week but the world makes sense again and I found it this morning. 

Hope you all have great day :) Happy Monday!


The Boys

Hey everyone, I've been pretty busy all day yesterday and today sewing away.  I have a project that I thought was due tomorrow and it turns out I have until Friday to finish it :) After all my hard work I decided to come visit the boyfriend and while he was busy doing something in the backyard I decided it would be a good time to introduce you to the boys aka my kids.

May I introduce you to Jellybean. He can sometimes look mean but he is the most softest, fluffiest, and loving cat ever. But OMG he is also the heaviest cat ever...he's just one big fur ball...literally.

This is Scar. Now don't be worried I'm not chocking him but this one is a little hard to control. Out of the three he is the most playful and curious and is constantly getting into trouble.  It's hard to get him to stay in one spot...he's quite a handful.

Say hello to William.  This one here is the calm quiet one.  As you can see he actually posed for the camera. His favorite thing to do is climb trees...he gets pretty high. I think he is determined to catch a bird. The moment he hears singing, he's searching...as soon as the bird lands on a branch, he's already climbing the tree.

And because William felt like taking a few photos, here are some more.

Do you have any pets?

p.s. I love hearing from all of you 
and I'll probably be catching up on everyone's blog by tomorrow.
Finals have been getting the best of me :)


Lovely Red Combinations

Glitter & heels...um yes please

Berries & champagne. I've never had this before but it looks amazing

Red lips & killer confidence. This is all you really need.
I happen to think these girls do it best. Love The Veronicas.

Girly dresses & pearls. 
Sometimes it's fun to get all dolled up plus I could totally make this myself :)

Cake & frosting...need I say more?

Looking gorgeous & a bed full of roses...seems like a dream photo shoot.


Syrup + Ice = A Perfect Match

Tank: From Uproar Festival, Jeans: Forever 21, Heels: Target, Clutch: Express

Although I've been wishing for cooler weather, it doesn't seem like that will be happening anytime soon.  After passing by this snow cone stand day after day I finally realized this is exactly what I needed.  Banana snow cones are my favorite, I find it rather hard to try anything else.  What are your favorite flavors? Maybe I'll try it next time :) This has been a crazy week with final projects due next week!!  I'm so glad it's Friday and guess what?? Today is my mom's birthday!!!  We are throwing her a karaoke party...here's what I'm singing:
Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walking
Sheryl Crow: My Favorite Mistake
me and the boyfriend are singing a duet
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton: Islands in the Stream

Wish me luck!! Any fun plans for the weekend?  Do tell :)


Hope you all enjoy the weekend :)


Interior Design Turned Fashion - Stripes Done Effortlessly

The Inspiration

The Look

You may have heard me say that I'm obsessed with stripes and while I try not to buy too much of them, every time I see them I pretty much want them.  One of the reasons I love this room is because of the stripe wall...love.  I figured the look would really need some "look at me" stripes and this dress is perfect because it catches your attention with multi-directional bold stripes. All of the other accessories should look effortlessly put together and of course you can never go wrong with red lips.

Get the look: Effortless Elegance 


If You Want Something Do It Yourself

The other day while shopping I saw this really cute headband that I wanted but couldn't get. Once I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy it, I started thinking how I could make one myself.  This ribbon headband turned out to be the easiest thing I've ever made.  It took literally almost no time at all and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I sewed my ribbon but if you really wanted to be in a hurry I'm sure you could use a glue gun as well.  I only used one brooch on my headband but I think it would be fun to use a variety of different ones. 

If any of you do try this...let me know.  I would love to see how it turned out :)

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