DIY//Statement Headband

Hey, I'm back with another hair accessory.  I wanted to make something really spring-y and fun for the Easter holiday. Oh and I especially love that it's such a statement piece...plus this mix of colors just makes me happy. This project was really easy, you just have to be patient between each coat of polish. Much like the enamel bobby pins, the possibilities of color combinations are just endless. My heart is already racing just thinking of a pretty one in mint! 
Rhinestones, Headband, Nail Polish, & Glue Gun
1. Paint each rhinestone with color of choice.
 2. Let dry completely if wanting to add another coat
3. Start by adding glue to the center of the headband and attach rhinestone.
4. Repeat until you have your desired pattern
(add a thin strip of felt or cut into circles and add to back of 
rhinestone for extra support and a cleaner look)

vvv ready to wear vvv
I tried this on when I only had the pink and orange added to the headband and really liked it with just the two colors but decided to add the yellow in the end. So if you don't want to add as many rhinestones as I did, don't worry, it will still look great. Just have fun with it.

xoxo erica


Fashion Chemistry//Denim Button Up

Button Up: Target, Floral Dress: Target, Tutu Skirt: Thrifted, Jeans: J Crew, Wedges: F21

I had been searching for a denim button up for the longest time and once I added one to my closet it was really hard not to wear it multiple times within one week. I love that it's one of those pieces in your closet that is so versatile...it just works with everything and it makes it easy to pull off whatever look you are going for. Here's how I've been wearing mine lately.
Look 1
Denim on denim. Just add a statement necklace for a pulled together casual outfit.
Look 2
Wear your denim with a fun party skirt for a night out. Of course we all know a tutu skirt is my top choice.
Look 3
Tie your denim over a favorite summer dress. Colorful florals are perfect and pretty for the season.
How do you wear your denim tops?

xoxo erica

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A Good Start

Tee: Target, Skirt: JCrew, Belt: Diament Jewelry, Wedges: Thrifted Asos
Oh, this is Scar...the last of my trio in these pics.
I ended up taking Monday off this week and am I ever so glad that I did. It was nice to relax just me and Chris after a busy weekend. We ended up going to the Houston Rodeo to see Luke Bryan on Saturday night and George Strait on Sunday. Yup, I love my country and both men were amazing...and Chris got all western on me so I had my cowboy for the weekend. This is what I wore Monday to brunch and a movie date after sleeping in. I love waking up without an alarm clock on a week day. Happy that the work week went by so fast. Now it's Friday and that means Chris' birthday is tomorrow!!!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

xoxo erica


How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Blog

I just recently added some social media buttons to my blog when I decided to clean up my sidebar. I know this isn't my usual kind of how to post but I figured this could be helpful to some of you. At least this way you won't have to waste so much time trying to figure it out like me. If you don't already have some on your blog and want some here's how I did it.
1. First of all you are going to need your image. I figured out my sidebar size and divided that by the amount of buttons I needed in a single line. 
2. I created my image in photoshop. I just used the shape tool and drew in the symbols for the button with my tablet. Or you can draw the circles yourself, like I did in the illustration above. Once you have your image, upload it to photobucket.
3. Open up the page to update your layout of your blog and add a gadget. Select HTML/Javascript.
This is the html code you will use. 
<a href="DirectLink"><img src="PageLink"/></a>

In the above code the yellow portion represents the web location of your image. When you open your photo in photobucket you can copy the direct link and paste it into the code.
The green portion represents the url address for the page you want the image to open. 

Do this for each of your buttons.

I know I don't know too much about all of this coding stuff but if this helps at least one person I'll be a happy girl.

xoxo erica

Oh and one of the new buttons I added is for bloglovin.
If you're not already, please stop by and feel free to follow me there.

And I always wanted to say thank you to everyone for your sweet comments yesterday. It's been about a week since William passed and hearing all of your comforting words really helped. 


A Love Note to William

William when you were a baby, those beautiful eyes of your had me from the start. I loved how big your heart was even if your dad was your entire world. Chris is such a lucky guy to have had both of us love him so much. Whenever we would take photos, I loved how funny you always were when rolling around in the dirt...when you were done you didn't even look black because you were covered in dirt. I remember the first time we brought you outside, you were so fascinated by the birds. I was sure your mission was to catch as many as possible and I believe we caught you once. You were such an adventurous cat and an explorer...I loved that you were so curious about the world around you. That's why when you didn't show up in the afternoon that first day you were missing I wasn't too worried, but by night I knew something was wrong. I'm glad we were able to find you in the end even if you're not with us anymore. I'm going to miss seeing that face everyday waiting for us after work. That's pretty much my last memory of you, laughing at you because you were sticking your tongue out. 
The last photo I took of William earlier last week

Love you always 


Life Lately

1. Being matchy matchy with some roses and my new wedges
2. Having a margarita 
3. I couldn't pass up buying this bag when I gave Chris a gift, isn't it the cutest?
4. A few sweets I picked up from a lunch date
5. This is the kind of crowd you get when you're George Strait. 80,000. Amazing concert.
6. Hanging out with my brother
7. Spent most of the weekend out in Houston
8. Blogging at Starbucks
9. Mixing prints, birds and chevron stripes
10. Love being able to sit across from this guy all the time...can't believe 10 years is coming up.

xoxo erica


Fashion Chemistry//Leather Skirt

Lately I've been trying to save more money. For me that means less shopping, especially online shopping...I had gotten pretty bad at that. So for now on I'm going to be doing a lot of fashion chemistry, mixing and trying new outfit combinations. Here's how I've been wearing my leather skirt.
Look 1
Casual in a band tee
Look 2
Spring style with a crop top
Look 3
Dressed up in all black with a pop of neon 
 see more fashion chemistry here.

xoxo erica


DIY Rhinestone Sparkle Headband

I wanted to share a cute and easy diy for spring now that it's finally around the corner. This involves two of my favorites; a pop of color and something sparkly. I originally wanted to try this headband with a neon green thread but ended up going with a bright orange. I love the way it turned out. 

Headband, rhinestones, embroidery thread, glue gun
1. Glue strand of rhinestones to headband
2. Secure thread to headband with a dab of glue and string thread around the rhinestones.
3. Once you get to the other end, apply another dab of glue to secure the thread.
4. Ready to wear!

xoxo erica


Dressed in Jeans

Tee: Thrifted, Jeans: J Crew, Heels: L.A.M.B.

Would you believe it that over the weekend I practically lived in jeans?? I finally found a pair that I don't mind spending my days in. The tee is also a new find for me. When I first spotted it the fun and interesting design of the beads immediately caught my eye. It reminds me of wearing a body chain (which I've always wanted to buy) so I love it. This was officially my last weekend of the month to rest and do absolutely nothing. March gets jam packed mid month...rodeo concerts, Chris' birthday, more concerts, our anniversary (10 years!!). Life's about to get a bit crazy...but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

 xoxo erica
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