If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Ombre Desk Decor

I can never keep the same surroundings for too long when it comes to my desk. I like to change things up a bit so that I'm constantly inspired. When I saw this rhino decor, I knew I had to have something like it for myself. And because I couldn't find a rhino, I went with a deer instead...they're just as cool you know. Anyway I've really been into the whole ombre trend so I thought it would be perfect to apply it to this diy project.

Want one too? Here's how to do it yourself:

Just a few tips:

If you have white spray paint, I would use that instead for the first step.
If you don't, when applying the paint I found the color went on better when I sponged it rather than painted it on.
Oh and yes I know the supplies picture has red paint but I changed my mind and went with yellow...go with whatever color will make you happiest.

xoxo erica


Sponsor Question of the Month: May

Every month I like to ask the sponsors a fun question so all of you can get to know them a bit better. This month I asked, Who is your dream celebrity best friend?
Here's what some of them had to say...

Can it be a TV character too? Then I think I'd go with Angela from Bones, so I could share her amaaaazing wardrobe!  I'd love her as a friend because she's so sweet and helpfull, and always finds the right words.

My dream celebrity best friend would be Emma Stone. She seems so down to earth and nice, not to mention absolutely hilarious! Emma, I'm totally available if you want to grab some fro-yo and laugh til it hurts! ;)

My dream celebrity best friend is.... Johnny Depp! I admire him not only as an actor but also as a person. If I could be friends with any celebrity or just meet them, it would be him..... Plus I think he's pretty cute ;) 

Last time, some of you were wondering my answer to the question so I decided I would answer it this time...

When I was younger my dream celebrity best friend or should I say friends were always Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. What girl didn't love those two growing up? These days if I had to pick one celebrity to be my best friend I would go with Lauren Conrad. The girl has got some serious style, seems so sweet, and I pretty much love everything she does.

So now I want to know from you. 
Who is your dream celebrity best friend?

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xoxo erica

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Interior Design Turned Fashion: Chevron and Sequins

I'm guessing it has to do something with my love for stripes but one of my favorite things about this room is the chevron rug. Also I'm loving the color combo going on here: lilac, green, raspberry, and seafoam...they just seem to work perfectly when all thrown together on a neutral palette. I tried to put these fun design elements into this look with a skirt that has a pretty drape like the curtains, a sequin collar that shimmers like the eye catching mirror, a multi color chevron bag that's even more gorgeous than the rug, and of course having fun with the color palette.

xoxo erica

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It's Been a Long Time Coming

Tunic: Marshalls, Stud Bralette: DIY, Shorts: Thrifed DIY, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Bracelets: F21, Black Ring: F 21, Gold Ring: from my new shop...details to come soon.

For years Chris and I have been listening to Rammstein, a German rock band, and never really thought we would see them. Well, guess what we are doing tonight?? Yup, sometime around eight we will be rocking out to Rammstein who I know will be putting on a show that's bigger than we've ever seen before. And of course you know that I like to break out my studs to get in the mood for some good rock music. I'm pretty excited...ready to be blown away actually...so don't let me down Rammstein.

Hope you all find a way to have fun and let go this weekend.

xoxo erica


Remembering Jellybean

I'll never forget the day Chris brought Jellybean and his brothers home. They were so little and the cutest black fur balls ever. Chris rescued them after their mother had been killed and they must have been just a little over 2 weeks old. The next few weeks were spent with bottle feedings every so many hours, lots of playtime, and becoming fully in love with these 3 little ones. I normally wouldn't post something like this but I feel like maybe some of you have gotten to know Jellybean over the past few weeks. After work on Tuesday I found out that Jellybean passed away...and I'm still in tears. I think losing a pet is one of the hardest things...ever.

My favorite photo of us, I'm so glad you wanted to climb up that tin roof with me

Jellybean I don't think I've ever had a cat that was as smart as you, wanted more attention, or loved back as much as you did. Our little family walks won't be the same without you. I'm going to miss having you around during outfit photo shoots. They just won't be as fun without you sneaking into each frame. I'm going to miss the pose you and me take of you looking up to the camera stealing the spotlight from my shoes. I wish you could have been here longer. I've been missing you ever since I found out you were gone...I'll love you always.

Our last photo together <3

xoxo erica


Guest Post: Sara from Build Castles in Air

Hey everyone, today I have Sara guest posting and telling you all about her lovely blog. Be sure to check her out after reading this...

Hi Sea of Blooming Dreams readers! This is Sara from Build Castles in Air!
I’m a Creative Writing graduate student in New York and I’m attempting to write my
very first novel. I also sell bookmarks and bracelets in my Etsy shop.
Anyway, I thought I’d give you all a little peek into my blog and what it’s all about.
I write about all sorts of fun things, like…




Inspired By…

Gift Guides…

Questioning the World…

& lots of inspiration!

I hope you’ll come by and say hello!
Thanks so much, Erica, for letting me guest post today!
It was so much fun!
P.S. – You can get 10% off at my shop with the code CASTLE10!

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Thanks so much Sara!
I hope you all get the chance to check her out and show her some love.

xoxo erica


Life Lately: Birthday Edition

About 3 years ago Chris made up what he calls his "birthday week" in which he celebrates and gets whatever he wants for a full seven days starting on the day of his birthday. Last year I adopted his idea and didn't have to think twice if I wanted to do it again this year. My "birthday week" is officially over and it was great while it lasted...I partied more nights than I'm used to, ate way too many sweets, and got back massages whenever I wanted...so far 26 has been treating me good.

Getting a little dressed up to have dinner with the 
family...even if it was just at home

Later during the weekend there were margaritas mixed with lots of dancing.

Had this while enjoying some delicious sweets...raspberry tiramisu. My sister's birthday
is 3 days after mine, this was her "birthday cake".

With too many late nights and early mornings the past few days
 you know I'll be catching up on sleep this week.

A few gifts, how cute are the peas in a pod earrings!?!

Mom makes my birthday cake every year.

Sitting under glowing lights while relaxing before going out.

birthday cake + twinkie topping = amazing

xoxo erica

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Polka Dot Happiness

Tank: Thrifted, Skirt: Delia's, Heels: Steve Madden, Belt: Target, Clutch: The Limited

I'm a stripes kind of girl but I'll have to admit, when I found this polka dot skirt, it was something like love at first sight. I've never owned anything with polka dots and have seen everyone else looking adorable in theirs and I guess I felt the need to add some to my closet. Well you can only imagine how excited I was to snag up this skirt and make it all mine...besides how amazing is the color combo?! Shopping with birthday money is the best :)

What was the last thing you bought that you were happy to find?

xoxo erica


Dressed Up Pretty

Button Up: Express, Skirt: Thrifted Banana Republic, Heels: Steve Madden, Necklace: Rue 21, Sunglasses: Target

Yesterday I had an early job interview...I wore a version of this outfit. Instead of the full black skirt, I wore a pencil skirt. I always feel that a basic black pencil skirt always does the job. I think it went pretty well but interviews always leave me feeling a bit uncertain after even I feel confident that I could get the job. I start thinking, "did I answer that question right?", "I should have said this instead", or "I hope they didn't notice me twisting my ring around my finger"...you know stuff like that. So right after, I headed to Starbucks to relax with a bit of tea and marble pound cake...yum my favorite.

What do you do to unwind from after interview jitters? 

Enjoy the weekend <3  I'll still be celebrating my birthday!
xoxo erica & Jellybean


Interior Design Turned Fashion: A Bit of Shimmer

First of all Thank You for all of the birthday wishes!! I had amazing day and the celebration is still continuing on throughout the week. 

Now back to business, here goes another interior design turned fashion post...
I love the look of neutral tones paired with pops of color. The interior of this room sticks with that idea and by keeping everything else in the red family with salmon, berry, and light pink colors it gives a classic elegance look. Also how amazing is that floral floor cushion!?! These were all elements I threw into this outfit with a simplistic cami that shimmers paired with a vibrant high low skirt. Everything else like a floral clutch and sparkly headband just bring out the look.

xoxo erica

get the look here
interior pic via

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Birthday Girl

An old pic...these were my favorite boots when I was younger.

Today is my 26th birthday!!
At midnight I got the sweetest message from Chris so my day started off pretty great and so far has been wonderful. I treat my birthday like a holiday and never work...I didn't even go to school on my birthday when I was younger, so you know I'll be enjoying my day. I'll be sure to share some pics with all of you later this week.

xoxo erica
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