Gimmie What I Want // October Wish List

Luxurious looking lace, embossed gold oxfords, and eye catching faux furs...payday can't come any faster. I've been trying to buy a gift here and there for family to get an early start on Christmas shopping. Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas and my favorite holiday hasn't even passed yet! I suppose though an early gift to myself won't hurt. 

xoxo erica


A Month of Being a Cat Lady // Rhinestone Cat Ears

 My mom's annual Witches Convention is right around the corner and so it was time to start getting costume ready. At the party, all the girls in my family dress up as either a witch or black cat...no surprise that I'm going to show up as a cat! Last year I made lace cat ears but this year I really wanted to go with something sparkly. These rhinestone cat ears diy is probably my favorite project to date...absoultely love them.
 Supplies: Black felt, paper template, rhinestone stickers, headband
 1. Start with a piece of felt and fold in half.
2. Cut a template from paper and use that to cut out two ears from the felt. 
(mine are 2 inches on each side)
3. Cover the ears in rhinestones.
4. Hot glue the felt ears to the headband.
Have you started working on your Halloween costume? Are you dressing up as a black cat?
Let me know if you give this a try. #sobdcatlady #sobdlife
xoxo erica


DIY // Gold Confetti Pumpkin

 Sometime after Easter passed, I came across the prettiest eggs on Pinterest. They were dipped in gold confetti! Yeah, after glitter, confetti is pretty much my next favorite thing. I don't know how I missed it, but I did :( Thankfully I didn't have to wait around a whole year to dip anything in gold shiny confetti and made it work with this cute pumpkin I picked up last week. This is a really simple diy but it has the most gorgeous effect...loving it.
 Supplies: Pumpkin, glue, brush, and gold confetti (I made mine by cutting gold foil paper)
 1. Apply glue to pumpkin.
2. Using a brush, spread the glue to thin it out...this will help everything dry faster.
3. Sprinkle confetti. If there are any extra gaps, just use your hands to place confetti to fill it in.
4. Continue this all the way around the pumpkin and let dry.
xoxo erica


Hair Tutorial // Loose Pigtail Braids

Whenever autumn starts to roll around my brain automatically thinks Free People and then I start to think loose messy braids. I just love the bohemian vibe. I've tried to do loose pigtail braids before but somehow could never get it right. They would still come out looking too tight or the braid part didn't seem to fall far down enough. But then it came to me and it turns out the look is so easy to achieve. It's all in the twist to make it look effortless.
1. Split your hair into two even sides.
2. Twist your hair in towards your face and rubber band about an inch and half down. 
3. Straighten out your hair so when you that begin to braid it comes down straight.
3. Braid whatever kind of braid you like...I went with a normal braid because it's fast.
4. Tie your braid at the bottom and cut the rubber band from the top of your braid.
5. Loosen the braid and repeat to the other side.
xoxo erica


A Month of Being a Cat Lady // DIY Black Cat Coasters

With Halloween around the corner, I couldn't resist making October a month of being a cat lady!! There is always some kind of get together going on all the time for halloween festivities and I thought these would be perfect to use at some of our parties. Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I think they are perfect for all the time. All my cat ladies agree right?
1. Draw out a cat template and trace onto cork board. 
2. Cut out and paint with black paint.
3. Sprinkle glitter on paint while still wet. 
4. Once dry bend cork board to flatten it out.
5. Brush on a layer of mod podge to seal everything in and let dry. 
let me know if you give this a try #sobdcatlady #sobdlife
xoxo erica
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