Denim + Lace

Top: Langford Market, Jeans: PacSun, Heels: Poshmark find but from Old Navy, Purse: Lulus
So the strangest thing has been happening to me and I've actually been buying more and more jeans. I own about 5 pairs now and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with myself with adding them into my wardrobe. I used to have only one pair for the longest! I think getting more than one pair had something to do with the fact that my thighs rubbed holes into these. Sadly another pair of jeans bites the dust.  Anyone else have that problem? If you don't, lucky you.....I'm soooo jealous.
xoxo erica


Sparkly Watermelon Nail Tutorial

 It's been so long since I've shared a nail tutorial and I'm super excited about this one. I've been feeling the summer vibes and tried a pineapple nail recently. It was so much fun that I decided to do watermelon nails next. Oh and if you're going to have fun summer nails, then glitter should be involved. So here I give you sparkly watermelon nails!!!!
 You will need a red or pink glitter polish, green polish, pink polish, and a black nail art pen.
 1. Start with a pink base.
 2. Add a swipe of green on your tips.
 3. Add red glitter to make your nails sparkly!
 4. Draw 3 small dashes to create a seed look.
Top with your favorite top coat and your all done!
xoxo erica


Life Lately

 1. I celebrated my 29th birthday in May. I went with a Roaring 20's party since it's my last year in my twenties. Chris built this backdrop for the party. Isn't he the sweetest?!?!?!
 2. We are huge Ranger fans! Wore my jersey out for a drink while watching the game.
3. Chris surprised me with birthday roses. They were all big blooms like this. so so beautiful.
4. My sister's birthday is only 3 days after mine. We went out into downtown Houston and had brunch. My nephew was being the cutest with his grilled cheese.
5. Concert style. We saw Halestorm and the Pretty Reckless last week!
 6. The newest color candy necklace to add to my growing accessory collection.
7. Donuts for breakfast! Is anyone else excited about National Donut Day tomorrow?
8. The beach!!! My absolute favorite place to be and Chris took me for my birthday.
9. I found these holographic booties on Poshmark and couldn't pass up the chance to buy them.
10. My unicorn balloon from my sweet Happy Hello friend Kaylee. I'm in love with it. Have you seen the mail exchange I host on instagram? Definitely check it out.

xoxo erica


DIY // Wink Banner

 Recently Chris gave me a designated area to blog in...somewhat of a semi office :) I was so excited because it's just what I needed to get back to regular posting here. I've always done projects in any little space I could find so I was super happy to get my own corner to stay focused in. I really wanted to put something "fun" and I've been loving the winking eye trend lately. This project was really fast, easy, and inexpensive and really added that extra something I was looking for!
 Supplies: 2 full pieces of felt, (For the left eye) : 1 white oval piece of felt, 1 small blue circle piece of felt, 1 small black circle piece of felt, 1 black rainbow piece of felt, (Right eye) 1 black slanted piece of felt, (Eyelashes) 12 small rectangle pieces, craft stick, string, and glue gun
 1. Glue all of your left eye pieces together and then glue left eye and right eye to felt.
Add 6 eyelashes for each eye.
 2. Glue the craft stick to the first piece of felt and roll under. Add the 2nd full sheet of felt slightly under that.
 3. Cut the ends of each piece of felt at an angle.
 4. Add the string to the craft stick by knotting at each end. I also add a dab of hot glue on the knot to keep in place.
Ready to hang!!!! Hope you enjoy your new fun and quirky banner!!!
xoxo erica


Dress, Heels, & Confetti

 Dress: thrifted, Heels: Simply Vera Wang, Necklace: Rue 21, Clutch: Ban.do
Hey everyone, I've been wanting to share this outfit for quite some time on the blog. I've worn this dress with a blouse layered over it but it's just as good all by itself. This was one of the outfits that I took with me to blogger camp...yeah way back in March. I told you it's been a long time. I guess only this time around I wore it with heels...we couldn't take heels with us to camp! What!?! I know...but I survived a weekend hanging around in flats. If you follow me on instagram then you probably have seen my black glitter flats that I bought for camp specifically and now I kind of almost live in them. Pointed flats have grown on me but my heart will always be with heels. These nude ones were a Christmas gift that I know are going to be a summer favorite! 
xoxo erica
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