Poppy Pink

Blouse: Gifted, Jacket: F21, Leggings: c/o Persunmall, Heels: L.A.M.B
When I put this outfit on over the weekend, I felt like it needed a pop of color. I mentioned the other day how I'm just slightly obsessed with washi tape and I used it on my clutch. Yeah...that pop of pink on my clutch is washi tape lol It only lasted for the day but I thought it made my outfit a lot more fun. It sure does make running errands better.
Do you ever make any quick fixes to your outfit? Let me know in the comments :)
xoxo erica


DIY // Washi Tape Barrette

 Okay so lately I've been loving all the patterns and colors of washi tape. I've been making cupcake toppers and labeling everything with it but this diy barrette is my latest washi project. I love how easy it is to transform a simple piece and make it a fun summer accessory. 
 Supplies: Washi Tape, Scissors, Barrette
 1. Cut a piece of tape a little over the length of the barrette. Stick barrette to washi tape and smooth over.
 2. Round off the edges of tape and cut two slits at angle so tape folds over smoothly.
 3. Fold in edge of tape.
All done & ready to wear!

Are you loving washi tape as much as I am? What projects have you tried with it lately?
If you try this one, let me know on instagram @ericamarie04 #sobdreamsdiy 

xoxo erica


Swan Love

Top: Plato's Closet, Dress: Target, Heels: Thrifted, Clutch: Jenny Packham, Bracelets: F21
I picked up this top while on our honeymoon and it's quickly becoming a favorite. With everything else going on as far as preparing for the wedding, I didn't pack for our honeymoon until the day of. Apparently I'm not a good last minute packer and we had to go shopping the second day we were there...I had the essentials like a bathing suit and sandals but I only brought skirts. That's so typical of me and it just so happened it was really windy out there so shopping for shorts was a must...luckily I found this swan top as well. I'm totally in love with it. 
xoxo erica


Hair Tutorial // Braided Topsy Tail

I"m a big fan of hairstyles that take up almost no time at all. I'm guilty of hitting the snooze button once or twice...okay maybe even three times so fast and easy are key to my morning routine. This style is ridiculously easy, super cute, and it looks like it takes more effort than really needed. 
1. Pull hair to one side. Grab about 1/3 of a section from underneath and rubber band the rest.
2. With the section that is rubber banded, separate hair into two sections right above the rubber band.
3. Pull your pony tail through the hole created by the separated sections.
You should now have a topsy tail.
4. Braid the remaining 1/3 section from earlier and rubber band.
5. Wrap braid around topsy tail.
6. Rubber band the braid to your topsy tail and remove the rubber band from when you braided the 1/3 section.
All done!! I just went with a regular braid but I think a fishtail braid wrapped around your topsy tail would look just as cute. Don't know how to do a fishtail?? Check out the tutorial here.
xoxo erica


DIY // Glitter Easter Eggs

One of my favorite things about Easter other than celebrating with the family is being able to sneak up on everyone with a confetti egg. I usually carry a few in my purse and then crack them on someone's head when they least expect it. It's pretty fun. I usually make my own and fill the eggs with confetti myself, but this year I decided to just buy them from the grocery store and decorate them a bit. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you should know by now that glitter is one of my favorite things so it only made sense to make my easter eggs sparkly. 
 Supplies: Eggs, Glue, Paint Brush, Glitter
 Paint your design onto your egg...
 and sprinkle with glitter. It's as simple as that. I tried a few different looks like stripes, crosses, and half dipped...just have fun with it.
xoxo erica


Life Lately

Hey everyone :) I'm back and guess what? I'm married!!! After all the months of planning and hard work, it's finally over. I'm so happy. Life has been good. We went to the beach for our honeymoon...it's the only place I can truly relax and we did just that.  It's been two weeks now and we are finally getting back to real life. lol  
 1. Taking mid-day naps. Just being a little lazy like you should be while on vacation.
 2. I took off from work two days before the wedding. This was that Thursday having breakfast with my sis before all the madness began. I would call this, the calm before the storm.
3. Swimming in the pool. We had it all to ourselves. The beach was actually really cold...thankfully the pools were heated.
3. Dinner by the water with my love.
4. Balloons left over from the wedding.
5. Drinks by the beach :)
6. Picking up our rings a few days before the wedding.
7. His grooms cake...it was delicious! We took the whole poke ball to the honeymoon.
8. A little bit of pieces from the wedding. Our colors were pink, mint, and gold.
10. Just kissing in the mouth of a shark.  He's pretty scary looking right?

xoxo erica
Can't wait to share photos from the wedding once we get them from the photographer.
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