DIY//Drawstring Bag

Lately my life has been spent working and then heading to the gym straight after. Preparing the night before by packing up all my workout clothes has really helped me stay on track that way in the morning I'm ready to go. I have tons of tote bags to throw my things in but non that are fun enough to really show off. I'm loving this ombre shimmer one I made, it's perfect to put all my gym clothes in or for a day at the beach. 
Supplies: Drawstring bag, Scissors, Fabric Glue, Ribbon Trim
1. Cut pieces of ribbon and measure spacing between each piece.
2. Apply fabric glue and stick in place.
3. Cut off excess trim to length of bag.
4. Ready to use...fill up with all of your favorite things!!
xoxo erica


Life Lately

1. Birthday girl!
2. My new phone case...is it obvious I'm a crazy cat lady?
3. Staying healthy at work...green smoothie yum.
4. Chris and I came home to find Scar looking like this from rolling in dirt. We called it his attempt of trying to be a skunk.
5. Floral arrangement I did for my sis, her birthday is only 3 days from mine!
6. Updated my jewelry display to show off pretty new things to my accessory collection.
7. What my shopping cart looks like most these days...stocking up on fruits.
8. A pink drink to celebrate my birthday!
9. Playing around with the A Beautiful Mess app...showing off some shoe love
10. Lunch date with Chris in the middle of a crazy work week...very much needed.

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xoxo erica

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DIY//Stud Bobby Pins

With the spike heels I bought recently and the rock concerts I've been going to lately, I've been having that rocker girl mentality. I pulled out my studded cutoffs over the weekend and they reminded me how much fun I was having studding everything last year. I knew another diy involving studs was next up on my list. These are super easy to make...(which is always favorite in my book) and they make a big statement especially if you double up and wear both at the same time.
Supplies: Bobby Pins, Glue Gun, Felt, Studs
oh and just a tip...I'm always getting asked where I buy my studs. I actually go to the thrift store and buy a studded belt. I end up paying about $2 for the belt and get a ton of studs.
  1. Glue felt to bobby pin, my felt is the length of one stud and the width of three studs
2. Glue Studs onto felt
3. Ready to wear! 
xoxo erica


Turning 27

Camisole: F21, Skirt: Rue 21, Sequin Slip: Thrifted Arden B, Heels: Kimichi Blue
I'll start off by saying that my birthday last week was one of the best. For starters, I dressed myself up in this sequin number despite the rain and gloomy morning...that wasn't going to stop me from dressing up. I'm just glad it cleared up. Chris surprised me with a new lens for my camera. He had already bought me a ticket earlier during the week to see Justin Timberlake which I'm over the moon happy about. The concert isn't until December and every time I hear a song I get all excited and start dreaming of how amazing it's going to be.  I ended up having an early dinner with my family and my mom made me a pink ombre cake...seriously the best. I went out the every night for the rest of the week and I'll be honest with you and say that I'm glad birthday week is over...all I want to do right now is hibernate like a bear. 
xoxo erica


In the Nude

 Dress: Gifted, Heels: Kimichi Blue, Belt: Target, Necklace: Diament Designs
Other than all black from head to toe, I think this is the first monochromatic look I've ever tried to pull off. I like it. I wore this yesterday to celebrate Mother's day and really wanted to feel dressed up to hang out with my mom. I kept teasing Chris asking him if I was getting anything for mother's day (even though I'm not a real mom) from our cat Scar. Hey I lost sleep when he was a baby and had to bottle feed him every so many hours..that counts for something right? But for real, I hope every one enjoyed spending time with your mothers and family. I had a relaxing weekend as expected but now that it's Monday, my birthday week officially starts. I have to thank Chris for getting me into birthday weeks...everything my way all week, I'm going to be a happy girl.
Oh and that star tattoo, my niece's wanted to put one on me at breakfast so I just went along with it. 
I may not be a mom yet, but I'm a good aunt. 
Happy Monday!
xoxo erica


The Golden E

Blouse: Thrifted American Eagle, Jeans, F21, Heels: Kimichi Blue, Necklace: Diament Designs
For the first time in awhile, I feel like I'm going to actually have a free weekend. No parties, no going out, no concerts, just mother's day...but that should be relaxing. Hopefully while relaxing I'll try to figure out what I'm going to do for my birthday. It's next week!! 
I've been shopping a lot lately...everything but the jeans in this outfit are new to my closet, but I'd have to say that this necklace is my new favorite thing. I used to have a name plate that I wore all the time that happens to be lost at the moment. Thankfully this gold "E" makes me just as happy.
What item in your closet is currently making you happy?

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!
xoxo erica


DIY//Sequin Bikini Top

Last year when working retail I fell in love with a bikini that was in our store. It was neon green with silver sequins...only one problem. Yup, the price for it was enough to shatter my hopes of ever buying it and I never did. I knew it would be simple enough to recreate and what do you know, it really is. If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know that I've working on getting fit and eating healthy. My mind is set to get myself into an itty bitty bikin without wearing a cover up. The next time I go to the beach I'll be wearing this one for sure.
 Supplies: Bikini Top, Sequin Trim, Glue Gun**
*I used a glue gun just for a quick makeover. If you decide to use one too I would hand wash and hang dry*
*Using fabric glue would be better. I've used it before and it holds up really well*
*And of course sewing the trim on with a needle & thread would be best*
1. Cut your sequin trim. 
I used one 5 inch strip, two 4 inch strips, and two 3 inch strips for each side.
2. Glue or sew on.
Ready to Wear
xoxo erica


Life Lately

1. Eating pizza while waiting for Shinedown to come on stage...have you ever seen them? They are amazing!!!
2. I just started a new nutrition plan and have been trying to eat better, this is my favorite snack.
3. Getting out in the city to see Carrie Underwood...I went to three concerts that week!
4. A bulldog bank Chris bought for me...I think he may be wearing more than he has in him lol.
5. My journal to keep track of my meals and workouts and my fitness inspiration...I added the pic to it because that's pretty much how I feel about summer.
6. My favorite from starbucks, mocha & madelines. Oh if you ever get a mocha ask for an extra pump of vanilla...just a little trick I learned while working there years ago.
7. My dad's birthday cake that my sis made for him...isn't she just so creative?
8. Trying on stripes in the fitting room while on a recent shopping trip.
9. Scar...he's the only one we have left. Love him so much.
10. At the club with Chris on Saturday night.

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xoxo erica

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