I just wanted to say a quick hello from Dallas! Chris and I drove up here yesterday to see the Rangers play this weekend. So far our trips this year have been in Texas and while I would love to fly away to another state, I actually don't mind. I've been having fun on our little Texas adventures. I'm heading to the gym this morning...yes I'm working out while on vacation. We have all you can eat tickets for the game tonight. Hot dogs and nachos here I come!! 

Check out our previous travel pics from Port Aransas and Austin.

Oh and Melissa from The Blushing Dreamer featured me on her blog today. We met in Austin and she is the sweetest girl. We quickly became friends...she's pretty awesome :) check out the post here.

xoxo erica


Curl Your Hair with a Straightener Tutorial

 I have naturally wavy/curly hair...the kind that is all wild and frizzy. I usually straighten my hair whenever I go out but with thin hair it can get to looking flat. Recently I've been stealing **borrowing** my niece's hair wand to curl my hair to add more bounce and body. The only problem is I don't have one at home so figured I would learn how to do it with my straightener since I don't feel like going to buy a wand or curling iron. Remember I'm saving for a wedding and when it comes down to spending a little bit on myself I'd rather go for new pair of shoes. Besides curling your hair with a straightener happens to be really easy.
 1. Pull up half of your hair and separate into 2 sections
2. Clamp a strand of hair in straightener, wrap around, and pull down to the end of your strand.
You've got a curl!
 Keep repeating these steps: Clamp, wrap, and pull
 3. Let down your top pieces of hair and do the steps for each side.
4. Spray a bit of hair spray...brush fingers through if you want softer curls.
 All done!
Wear your gorgeous curls out on a hot date or something like that!!

xoxo erica

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A Dream Worthy Giveaway

Usually it's pretty hard to wake up on a Monday, but this Monday is a good Monday. I'm only working two days this week and then my vacation starts!! I'm excited and I wanted to spread the excitement of this week by doing a little giveaway. I love statement pieces and when I saw this bracelet at a local antique shop I knew it was too gorgeous too pass up and knew it would be perfect to give away to one of you lucky readers.
 To enter:

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Giveaway ends September 30th.
Good luck!!!

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Flirty Florals

 I was at a clothing swap party in Austin when I got this skirt. I couldn't believe someone wanted to give it up from their closet, it's gorgeous!! But hey, I'm not complaining. Now it's all mine :) I'm so happy it's Friday because that means it getting close to next and next week is only a two day week for me at work. Jealous much?? I thought so...lol but seriously there's a lot to be excited about. Next week consists of a Fallout  Boy concert, Arlington trip to see the Rangers play, and a giveaway here on the blog!
Oh and I was wanting to get back into sponsoring.  I'm finally starting to feel ready for it again now that I'm getting the hang for blogging the way I really want to. If you're interested in doing a little ad swap let me know...spaces will be limited. email me @ ericamarie04@gmail.com 

xoxo erica


DIY//Glitter Clothespin Tacks

I've always love to hang up pretty things and inspiration for my creativity on the wall. These clothespin tacks are fun for doing just that and are sooo easy to make. Oh and anything with a bit of sparkle is a winner in my book but if you've been reading the blog for awhile then I'm sure you've already noticed that! 
Supplies: Clothespins, glitter, paint brush, mod podge, super glue, thumb tacks
1. Apply a coat of mod podge to pin
2. Sprinkle glitter and let dry. Shake off excess glitter.
3. Apply a coat of mod podge on top of glitter to seal everything in and let dry.
4. Apply a small dot of super glue and adhere tack to pin.
Hang up something pretty!!!
xoxo erica


The Fake Frenchie Tutorial

I'll let you all in on a little secret...even with all the tutorials I've been teaching lately, I can't french braid to save my life. This is where the "fake frenchie" comes in. It's more like a rolling or twisting kind of technique but the end result reminds me of a french braid...but way easier!! I can get this hair style complete with a minute and half or so. Oh and once you get the fake frenchie down; try it with your hair in different styles. I've been wearing it like this and also have been pulling my hair into a pony when I go to the gym.
1. Separate hair...start from the beginning of one ear and all the way across to the back of your other ear. Pull the rest back in a low pony.
2. From the beginning of your fake frenchie, separate hair into two strands. You will have a front strand and a back strand.
3. Roll front strand over the back strand.  
(Your front strand now becomes your back strand...back strand is now your front strand...make sense?)
4. Add a piece of loose hair to the front strand and roll strand over back strand.
5. Keep repeating these steps...Roll strand, add hair, roll strand
It should look like this
6. Once you reach the back of your ear; secure hair with a bobby pin.
Ready to wear!!
 xoxo erica


Love is in the Air

The week before last Chris and I finally got our date finalized with the church. We will be getting married on our 11 year anniversary which is March 29th next year!! I wanted to get save the date cards to send to our guests and had a pretty simple idea in my head. A field, heart balloons, and me and Chris. We actually used the self timer on my camera and the pictures came out just the way we wanted. It's always exciting when those kinds of things happen.
I'll be getting the cards made this week and show you all the finished product once I get them.
Here's just a teaser :)
xoxo erica
Oh and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Mom!!


Optical Illusion

Cardigan: Thrifted F21, Tank: Thrifted F21, Shorts: Thrifted Express, Heels: Kimchi Blue, Clutch: Jenny Packham
I'm a huge skirts kind of girl so when I found these shorts that had the same kind of flare as a skirt, I was sold. I had to have them and I love that I don't have to worry about the wind blowing anything up...it's been a bit windy the last few days lol. In fact, I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment walking out of work yesterday when I wore a flowy skirt. I can see these shorts being used a lot during the coming season...I can't wait to pair them with tights and boots in the fall. 

What do y'all have planned for the weekend? I'll be celebrating birthdays and doing some cake testing...yum cake. Can't wait!!
xoxo erica


Day to Night//Cut Out Crop Top

 I recently purchased a cut out crop top on sale and since it's hot out here in Texas I still have time to to wear it. With crop tops I always think it's best to balance out your look by wearing pants or a longer skirt. Oh and if the temperature is starting to cool down and you think a crop top wouldn't work for you anymore, try layering over a structured peplum top. It's all about transitioning from summer to fall and the ruffled bottom of your peplum will give it an extra flirty feel. 

1. For days I like to keep jewelry simple...sparkly studs will do just fine.
2. My favorite way to add drama to a daytime look...red lipstick.
3. Love the peachy color of these pointed flats.
4. Dark wash skinnies are my go to style for a comfortable day look.

1. This necklace is a true beaded beauty. 3 strands + gorgeous color = perfect statement piece.
2. A midi skirt in a bold color is fun and a great bonus if it makes the colors of your crop top pop...whew say that one three time fast. tongue twister anyone? lol 
3. A classic black heel always makes me feel polished...a must for a dressy night out.

Which look would you wear? Day? Night? or Both?

xoxo erica

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Feeling Good

Blouse: Thrifed, Slip: Thrifted, Skirt: Target, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Litas
 For some time I felt like all my closet consisted of was black clothing. Over the past year or so, I've slowly been adding color to my wardrobe. I even uploaded a pic of my closet on instagram..I had a rainbow in there. It feels good to go back, try things out from my old self, step out in all black. For this outfit, I did a bit of layering. A slip underneath and a lace blouse over a skirt...just my normal girly self.
The cows usually don't like it when I'm in their "territory". 
This is me doing my best "They're coming" impression in a plants v. zombies voice. Somehow Chris got me hooked on that game. Shortly after I took this pic, I had to end my little photo shoot. They started coming at me pretty fast.
Hope you have a happy Wendesday!
xoxo erica


Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Lately I've been trying out new hairstyles that I plan on sharing here on the blog. I've always loved the fishtail braid and I figured everyone probably already knew how to do it so I hadn't really planned on sharing the tutorial here. Well the other day while at the gym (which is my favorite place to wear my hair in a braid) a girl asked me how I did my hair. At that point it occurred to me. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe  everyone doesn't know how to do the fishtail. So here we are...if you don't know how to do, give it a try. It's really easy, I promise.
1.Pull hair to one side and tie with an elastic
2. Separate hair into two strands
3. Take a small strand from the outside of your first strand
4. Cross over and add to the middle of the second strand.

5. Keep repeating these steps on each strand... Pull from outside and cross over.
Your braid should start to look something like this.
6. When you get to the end of your braid tie the end with an elastic.
Take off the elastic you first put in your hair and fluff your braid.
Ready to Wear!!
 xoxo erica
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