Seeing Stars

Sweater: Target, Skirt: F21, Earrings: F21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I bought this sweater a couple of weeks ago and have been just waiting for the chance to wear it out. When I first saw the sweater, it reminded me of a Wildfox one that I've always loved but could never buy so I knew I couldn't let this one pass me by. Oh and these are my new favorite earrings. I bought them to go with my Halloween costume...I was a peacock over the weekend. It was a last minute decision but it was fun. I even sprayed my hair blue. 

xoxo erica

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Life Lately

1. Taking in the view, feeling grateful to see the beauty in the world around me
2. My sparkly shoes...that's pair of flats #2. What's happening to me?
3. William sticking his tongue out at me
4. Before the sun went down
5. Drinks with Chris while celebrating my cousin's birthday
6. I'm buying this wine for a Halloween party this weekend
7. Dressed up as a black cat
8. My failed attempt at caramel apple slices...I'm so glad it worked out the 2nd time
9. The leaves are changing colors now...can't wait for it to feel more like fall.
10. William doing Jellybean's signature pose.

xoxo erica

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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Watercolor Memories

When I saw that Design Love Fest had posted some of these photos, I immediately had to check out the photographer. I completely fell in love with the images, all of them are simply beautiful. Seeing these photos brings up memories of my childhood dreams of being a mermaid...so I had to share a few of my favorite with you. 

Check out more photos here.

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xoxo erica

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The Long Forgotten

Top: Made by Me, Pants: Target, Shoes: Thrifted 

It still feels like summer outside so I figured what the heck, I pull out my brightest florals. I made this top when I was in school and since then have just had it sitting at the bottom of my drawer...forgotten. I've actually never worn it until today and I couldn't help but feel happy all day even if I was stuck in an office...there's just something about the print that I love so much. Speaking of school, I don't think I ever mentioned it on here but I had to stop going a few months ago. As much as I wanted to finish, there was just no possible way I could afford it anymore.  Anyway last night I pulled out my sketchbook and sketched some designs for fun...I haven't done that since I stopped going to school. I'm not sure what made me feel so inspired...maybe it was the top, maybe I need to wear it a bit more often.

xoxo erica

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A Sweet Idea: Caramel Apple Slices

I shared awhile back that caramel apples were on my fall happy list. I think it has something to do with the fact that as a kid I would always get one at the county fair which I've always associated with the beginning of autumn. I love the first few bites into a caramel apple...the two flavors to me are a perfect combination. Well this year I decided to do something a bit different and went with slices rather than a whole apple. I kind of hate that the caramel is only on the outside of the apple and this way I get caramel with every bite. 

Here's what I did to make them. Slice up your apples, heat up the caramel squares on the stove ( add about 2 tablespoons of water if you don't want the caramel to be too thick), dip apples slices into the caramel, sprinkle candy or sprinkles on top, and let them cool in the fridge for a few minutes. 

xoxo erica

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Nothing but Blue Skies

Tunic: F21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Belt: DIY

This was probably the first weekend that I didn't have anything planned to do and actually just got to relax. Let me tell you, it was so nice and much needed. Sometimes it's best just to slow down and not worry too much about anything. How was your weekend?

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Check out the diy belt tutorial here

xoxo erica

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Nine Lives

me and my niece Isabella

I feel like I've dressed up as a black cat more times than I can remember. Yesterday, my mom threw a Witches Convention party where either we could dress up as a witch or a black cat. Last year I was a witch so this year I went with a cat. Halloween is my family's favorite time of the year and I think we find any excuse to celebrate. We've already done the Halloween movie night and there are still more parties to attend. I'm still trying to figure out what to dress up as this year for my cousin's Halloween party. It's a couple thing so I'm trying to think of something Chris and I could do together. So far all we have are Peg and Al Bundy or Danny and Sandy at the end of Grease. Do you all know what you're dressing up as yet? 

 Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!!

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xoxo erica

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If You Want Something Do it Yourself: Sequin Tacks

I usually use my sewing pins on my inspiration board and jewelry display to hang everything with. When I found a few tacks around the house I knew they would be great for holding up some of my jewelry. Of course we all know I  love a bit of sparkle and I couldn't resist but to add some to the tacks. Besides sequin tacks are so much more fun than any regular tack and the best part is that it literally takes up almost none of your time to do. I only had a few tacks but I'm going to buy a few more and add some more color sequins. 

Yup, the only steps are to add a dot of glue and stick the sequin on...super easy.

Check out the tutorial for the jewelry display here

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xoxo erica

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A Dreamer Giveaway from Shabby Apple

Happy Wednesday lovelies...it's halfway through the week in today we are celebrating with a giveaway! That's right, Shabby Apple is offering one of you lucky ladies a $50 gift card to buy whatever your pretty little heart desires from their shop. 

They have the best of everything from dresses, skirts, shoes, and accessories and offer a fun variety of styles from casual dresses to vintage dresses as well as the prettiest lace dresses...I'm telling you, they sure do know how to make a girl happy. Oh another plus about Shabby Apple that I love is the fit guide that's offered on the site as well as style advice and free returns. 

Here are a few of my favorites 

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Can't wait to hear what your favorites are! Good luck ladies!

xoxo erica

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Day to Night: Leather Skirt

While shopping during fashion night out, I came across the most gorgeous leather skirt. It was orange and pleated I knew it would be perfect for the fall season. Too bad it was a bit out of my price range but a girl can dream right? If I had one this is how I would style it for a day to night kind of look. I think that by having just a pop of color makes for a fun daytime look and an embellished top keeps the look dressed up. Last time I did one of these post on black jeans, I ended up buying black jeans so hopefully a leather skirt is in my closet very soon.

Which look would you wear? Day or Night? Both??

xoxo erica

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shop the look here


Change of Plans

Shirt: Thrifted, Maxi: F21, Flats: Target, Necklace: Rue 21 

Over the weekend I pulled out this skirt with every intention to cut it up. It's been sitting in my drawer for a few months now and I thought that I would try a high low or some kind of asymmetrical hem on it. Either way I changed my mind and decided to pair it with a few pretty things. I've actually been living in these leopard flats since last week...who knew I would like a pair of flats so much?

xoxo erica


Life Lately: Rangers Game

Recently Chris and I took a weekend trip to Arlington to watch the Rangers play against L.A.  It rained most of the time we were there but we still had fun getting into the whole team spirit thing. We were all decked out for the second game, I even had a foam finger but unfortunately the game got cancelled because of all the rain. It's okay though, we ended up going to a steakhouse that night and ate way too much. I hadn't ever ordered steak before and learned there is no way I can eat a 16 oz all by myself. All the rain meant I didn't pull out my camera at all so here goes some instagram pics.

1. Sitting next to my favorite person in all of Arlington
2. Baseball game
3. Breakfast date before the game
4. Hot chocolate for me...it was too cold for me
5. Fireworks after the game...a great end to a good night
6. Chris had told me about this hot dog they sell at the ballpark and I told him we would have to try to eat it...I promise we don't eat this bad all the time.
6. Keeping warm after walking in wedges in the rain...next time I'm bringing real shoes.

After all the time we've been together it's hard to believe this was our first real vacation alone, can't wait for the next one.

xoxo erica

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