Bring On the Good Times

Shirt: Target, Pants: Thrifted, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, Clutch: Jenny Packham
 Why does it seem like the weekend goes by so fast when you're having fun? My sis threw a party for my brother-in-law this past weekend to celebrate his retirement after 22 years of service in the military...it was a fun night. March has been a month of good times with more to come. My family celebrated my grandma's 86th birthday the first weekend of March, my brother-in-law's retirement Saturday, then my cousin is getting married this weekend, Chris' birthday is the weekend after, and finally my wedding!! I'm actually feeling quite blessed to have so many things to celebrate and be happy about. On another note this is the outfit I wore yesterday while running errands. Just something casual after partying into the early morning hours.
xoxo erica


My Kind of Sundress

The last few days its been cold, windy, and rainy :(  Not my kind of weather...but then something magical happened and the sun finally decided to come out. Now when that happens after a streak of gloomy days, there's really only one thing to pull out of the closet...your sundress. You know the pretty one with the floral print/bright colors/stripes/ruffles...or whatever it is you fancy. So that's what I did. This is my pretty color combo, floral print, country feeling, really old but comfortable sundress. How would you describe your sundress? 
hope you get to spend some time in the sunlight
xoxo erica
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