DIY // Wink Banner

 Recently Chris gave me a designated area to blog in...somewhat of a semi office :) I was so excited because it's just what I needed to get back to regular posting here. I've always done projects in any little space I could find so I was super happy to get my own corner to stay focused in. I really wanted to put something "fun" and I've been loving the winking eye trend lately. This project was really fast, easy, and inexpensive and really added that extra something I was looking for!
 Supplies: 2 full pieces of felt, (For the left eye) : 1 white oval piece of felt, 1 small blue circle piece of felt, 1 small black circle piece of felt, 1 black rainbow piece of felt, (Right eye) 1 black slanted piece of felt, (Eyelashes) 12 small rectangle pieces, craft stick, string, and glue gun
 1. Glue all of your left eye pieces together and then glue left eye and right eye to felt.
Add 6 eyelashes for each eye.
 2. Glue the craft stick to the first piece of felt and roll under. Add the 2nd full sheet of felt slightly under that.
 3. Cut the ends of each piece of felt at an angle.
 4. Add the string to the craft stick by knotting at each end. I also add a dab of hot glue on the knot to keep in place.
Ready to hang!!!! Hope you enjoy your new fun and quirky banner!!!
xoxo erica


  1. OMG! This is so freaking cute! I love it! I've been wanting to create a banner like this but with a quote!

  2. Yes! This is such a clever idea to use felt for a wal banner. I love it. Yours is so cute <3
    Juli xx


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