Sparkly Watermelon Nail Tutorial

 It's been so long since I've shared a nail tutorial and I'm super excited about this one. I've been feeling the summer vibes and tried a pineapple nail recently. It was so much fun that I decided to do watermelon nails next. Oh and if you're going to have fun summer nails, then glitter should be involved. So here I give you sparkly watermelon nails!!!!
 You will need a red or pink glitter polish, green polish, pink polish, and a black nail art pen.
 1. Start with a pink base.
 2. Add a swipe of green on your tips.
 3. Add red glitter to make your nails sparkly!
 4. Draw 3 small dashes to create a seed look.
Top with your favorite top coat and your all done!
xoxo erica


  1. These are adorable! They turned out so well too. I'll definitely need to take a night in to perfect this on my own nails :)

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  2. Love the design! I'm going to try it on my nails for sure!! <3



  3. Oh man, do I love this! Watermelon nails are the perfect thing for summer!

  4. Cute!! You have such good ideas :)


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