Brighter Days

Today's not really my day
Thought maybe some neons would cheer me up
It helps...a little bit

Hope all your days are going better...
mine really isn't all that bad...I'm a bit dramatic

Brights by emarie_dreams featuring orange bracelets


Weekend love

Do something a little crazy this weekend.  
Be spontaneous.
Kiss a hot stranger on the street...
ok not really, maybe just that amazing someone who's in your life :)

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Shades of Berries

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Only for a Day

Top: old b-day gift, Shorts: Express, Tights: Target, Boots: Charlotte Russe 

I wish this concert would have been over the weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and it felt good to be out wandering San Antonio.  It just didn't feel right to have to leave that same night but the boyfriend had to work the next morning.  I felt bad for him...he hates my driving and insisted that he would drive the 3 hour trip to San Antonio and then the 3 hours driving back home.   The next day he said was a rough day but completely worth it.  The concert rocked, Three Days Grace was there and I pretty much love them  and Avenged Sevenfold blew me away.    I didn't get many photos of the concert but have a bunch of video..too bad it's taking forever to upload anything.  Oh well...here are a few pics of San Antonio.

This is the boyfriend's usual concert attire...jeans and another concert shirt.  


I'm in a Summer Kind of Mood...

It wouldn't take much to convince me to spend my days dreaming in the sun.

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A Little Bird Told Me So

Dress: Fossil, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Sea of Blooming Dreams

Today was my sister's birthday.  Yup we are only 3 years and 3 days apart. We went out for an early breakfast and I had the most delicious blueberry cream cheese croissant. This is what I wore out this morning. When I saw this dress I instantly fell in love.  Who could resist yellow birdies??  I've been trying to incorporate color into my wardrobe and love the pop of yellow against the dark purple.  I'm going to a concert tonight...I kind of wish I could wear this dress there too but I don't think cute little birds and rock mix together.  


Rays of Sunshine

Tunic: Free People, jeans: Forever 21, Wedges: Marshalls, Bracelet: American Eagle

After a few gloomy days out here the sun finally came out and I decided to wear something that I thought was just as beautiful.  I bought this tunic for the bright yellow and orange detailing but haven't ever worn up until now...I've had it for about a year now.  It was a bit too loose for me but I decided to tie it up at the side, something I never really do.  Another thing I didn't do till now was roll up my jeans...first time for everything right?  How was your weekend?? Mine was great, my birthday was amazing :)

Aren't these guys cute??



Award Time :)

I was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by the stylish Marissa at StyleBows.  Wow!! Thanks so much.

When u get the award you have to....
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award, 
2. Tell 7 things about yourself 
3. Award  other blogs & contact the bloggers to let them know that they received the award

7 things about me

1) I spend most of my money on going to concerts.  I love, love, love live music.  One of my favorite bands that I will be seeing at the end of the month is Papa Roach.

2)  I have 3 children... Scar, Jellybean, and William.  My boyfriend rescued them back in December when their mother died.  They were at his job where a lot of mean men that don't like cats work...he couldn't leave them there so he brought them home.

3)  I love roller coasters.  The bigger the better, I like the ones with huge falls that make your stomach jump.

4)  One of my favorite things about myself is my freckles.

5) My birthday is this Sunday.  I'll be 25!!! I treat my birthday as a holiday and never work or go to  school.

6) Although I seem like a girly girl, I actually enjoy watching the UFC.  I got into it about 4 years ago.  GSP is my favorite fighter.

7) I'm currently doing Insanity...the workout program.  It's a killer but today was the start of my 5th week (it's a 9 week program).  Me and the boyfriend tried to do it last year but stopped after the 2nd week, so making it this far has got me really excited.

Here are a few blogs that I want to give the award to that I've recently come to notice.

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Interior Design turned Fashion - Look 2

Look 2

I've always loved the calm relaxing look of the color teal and it has always been a favorite of mine. Whenever I think of red and any kind of green related color, I automatically think Christmas but I guess this is a little more blue. I actually like the pops of red mixed with a teal centerpiece. What do you think?

Look 2 

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Swirls of Color

 Cardigan: Target, Tank Top: Thrifted, Skirt: me, Shoes: Target

My boyfriend recently bought me a sewing machine...isn't he sweet?  This skirt is the first thing I decided to make.  When looking for fabric I wanted something with bright colors for summer.  I have so many dark clothing in my closet that I desperately needed a change.  I instantly fell in love with the swirls of pinks in the floral design.  It seems that floral and pinks have been inspiring me lately...anyway I think it turned out pretty good for a first try.  I can't wait to see how my other little projects turn out.


Green Thumb & Much Needed Luck

This morning I planted some of these pretties.  A ranunculus has always been a favorite of mine and ever since the garden started here at home I've been wanting to grow some of my own.  The only problem is I'm not sure I have a green thumb.  I once planted pansies when I was younger and they never bloomed.  A few years later I tried planting some Betty Boop roses and they never grew.  The instructions said to soak the bulbs in water, so this morning that's just what I did.   I was suppose to let them soak for two hours but oops...I forgot about them.  I know I'm the worst gardener ever.  I planted them anyway, I just hope I didn't drown them.  Who knows...maybe I'll have some just as pretty as these in the near future.  
Crossing my fingers for better luck this time. 

 Hope your weekend is lovely :)

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Cinco de Mayo Flowers

Last week we threw my dad a fiesta for his birthday and we made some paper tissue flowers.  We are using the same flowers for a Cinco de Mayo celebration today.  They instantly add color and are inexpensive and easy to make.  I think they would work for any kind of celebration or party...I like doing color combos but I think in single colors they would be just as pretty.
here is a good tutorial.

Hope you all have a lovely day, I'm off to drink a strawberry margarita :)
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