A Bit of Triangle Love

Blouse: Langford Market, Skirt: Forever 21, Wedges: Thrifted Aldo, Bracelets: Forever 21

When I first bought this blouse, I was completely in love with triangles. I've only worn it once, first seen here...for some reason I was convinced this top would only work with pants or leggings because of how loose it is. As you may have noticed, it's hard to catch me in a pair of pants...I only own one pair! Well after seeing this triangle print day after day in my closet I finally decided that I needed to wear it. I actually like wearing it this way and think it has a fun summer feel to it. Speaking of summer, hope yours has been good. It's been so hot out here lately and guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Playing in a softball tournament...in this crazy heat. I'll be drinking lots of water, wearing sunscreen this time around, and hopefully playing a lot of games. 
What are you up to this weekend? 

Happy Weekend everyone!

xoxo erica

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If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Sequin Heart Brooch

Hey girlies, it's Thursday...pretty much one of my favorite days on the blog because I get to share a fun diy project with you all. Today I wanted to show you all how to make your own sequin heart brooch. It's super easy and is just a fun accessory to add to your wardrobe. 
You all know I how much I love sequins and pretty much anything that has a sparkle to it so don't be surprised if you start to see this sequin heart a bit too many times here on the blog.

Do you want one too? Here's how to do it yourself:

I like to draw one side of the heart and then fold the felt down the middle so that when I cut it both sides are the same.

Cut out heart

Begin to hot glue the sequins around the edge

Glue sequins all the way around slightly overlapping each other...it should look something like this.

Glue brooch pin onto the back of your heart

All done & ready to wear!

xoxo erica

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June Sponsor Question of the Month

Every month I like to ask the sponsors a fun question so all of you can get to know them a bit better. This month I wanted to know what was on their Summer Happy List.
Here's what some of them had to say...

Cecilia's Happy List

1. My growing bump
2. My loving husband & family
3. Hot summer days at the pool
4. Ice cold cranberry juice
5. Scoring an awesome thrift find

Check out Cecilia's blog Dearest Lou

 Rachel's Happy List

1. More time at the beach!
2. Traveling - I plan on visiting Seattle in July!
3. The weather; I thrive on sunshine :)
4. Summer clothes. It's all about shorts and skirts!
5. No school of course!

Check out Rachel's blog Daydream Frenzy

Sam's Happy List 

1. Going to the beach
2. Gardening
3. Laying out by the pool
4. Living in swimsuits
5. Going on road trips!

Check out Sam's blog My Latest Obsession


My Happy List

1. BBQ parties with family and friends
2.  Going to the beach and spending all day under the sun
3. Summer treats like sno cones & ice cream to cool off from the crazy heat
4. Popping fireworks for the 4th of July
5. Singing along at concerts...some of my favorite bands are coming this summer!

So now I want to know from you. 
What is on your summer happy list?

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xoxo erica


Happy Kind of Stars

Dress: Thrifted, Sequin Belt: DIY, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, 
Rhinestone Bracelet: DIY, Stud Bracelt: Hot Topic

This weekend Chris and I had a little date night and went out for dinner to one of our favorite seafood restaurants. I haven't had seafood in the longest and let me tell you, good food, a fun drink, and hanging out with Chris is pretty much what makes this girl happy on a Saturday night. A cute dress is usually my go to look for a date out with the boyfriend and really how could I resist this cute star print? Yup, this cute little star print dress makes me happy...sequins make me even happier...and date nights make me happiest. Do you have anything in your closet that instantly puts a smile to your face once you put it on?

xoxo erica

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Guest Post: Daniela from D, etc

Hi, Sea of Blooming Dreams readers ! I'm Daniela from D, etc  and I write a blog about personal style.

Today on my blog is a Friday night date out outfit from movies with my husband.

It's been pretty hot and humid around here lately, so I paired this breezy dress with a light blazer, perfect for just enough warmth in the over air conditioned theater. 

If you get a chance, stop by my blog for the rest of this post, or just to say Hello :)

Thanks to Erica for allowing me to guest post!


Thanks Daniela! Doesn't everyone just love this sneak peak of her outfit...such a cute little print on her dress and the drape on her blazer is just lovely right? Oh yeah she also has this amazing giveaway going on at her blog that I know you will love...so I know you don't want to miss it! Make sure to check out her blog and show Daniela some love <3

xoxo erica


Pearls and Pleats

Top: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: LC Lauren Conrad, Shoes: Steve Madden

I've had both this top and skirt for months and have never thought of putting them together until the other day for an interview...and I have to say that I love it. My go to interview outfit was at Chris' house and I kind of had a short notice about the interview. Remember how I mentioned food poisoning earlier this week? Well I didn't get the voicemail until I woke up at 9 that night and the interview was for the next morning. The only thing left to do was see what I had in my closet that and make sure that they passed my rules of what is interview appropriate. Do you have a list of rules you go by?
Oh by the way, I got a call yesterday and if everything goes well next week...then I pretty much have the job!

have some fun this weekend 

xoxo erica

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If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Tie Dye Shorts

I've really been into cutoff shorts ever since I made my studded pair and I was looking for some fun summer shorts to wear for the 4th of July. I thought why not just make my own...plus I was wanting to get my hands on something tie dyed this summer. I wanted to post this a bit early just in case you need to find a pair of white pants or shorts...I found white pants for about $2 at the thrift store and made them into cutoff shorts. I used these spray dyes (s-e-i tumble dye) back in school and they were so easy to use and a great alternative to using actual fabric dye that I went ahead and purchased them for this project.

I really love the way these shorts turned out and if you want them too...

Here's how to do it yourself:

Gather parts of your shorts and tie them. The directions on the bottle recommended that it was best for the fabric to be wet when doing tie dye so I followed and ran them under water until the shorts were damp.

Begin to spray your dye in the areas you want.

 I used red on top and blue on the bottom, leaving the middle section alone.

Take out the rubber bands, let them air dry, and then put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

All done & ready to wear!

xoxo erica

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A Sweet Idea: Still Sweet Unfrosted Cupcakes

You all know I have a major sweet tooth but every now and then I like to skip, yes I said skip the frosting. A complete shocker I know...sometimes the frosting is the best part! But I promise I make up for it. Just take a look how I keep my cupcakes tasting good while skipping the frosting.

I add blueberries! Plus don't you feel a bit better about eating a cupcake when there is fruit involved?

 I like to mix graham crackers and sugar together...it gives a nice subtle sweetness.
Oh and I just thought of this, but maybe even cinnamon mixed in would be good...let me know if you try it.

And of course my favorite to add to anything...pieces of chocolate!

xoxo erica

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Sponsor in the Summer Sun

Hey everyone this is a little early but yesterday I wasn't able to get today's post ready. I'm pretty sure I had food poisoning and most of my day was spent sleeping or throwing up. No worries though, I'm all better now...so glad it only lasted one day.

But off to better things...July is only right around the corner and it's that time when I get to invite you to become a sponsor of Sea of Blooming Dreams...I always like working with such talented people and making new friends.

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Raspberry Lovely

Tank + Skirt: Thrifted Old Navy, Heels: Steve Madden, Necklace: Rue 21, Ring: Wrapped Up Pretty

I usually tend to think that velvet is reserved for cooler months so when I wanted to wear this skirt, I pulled it up to wear it as a dress. I think the short length makes it more appropriate for summer. I decided to go with a monochromatic color scheme...pinks and raspberry make for a pretty feminine  summer look right? Oh by the way I think I'm completely obsessed with knotting up all of my shirts...I keep catching myself doing this all the time. Is there a trend you find yourself repeating this summer?

xoxo erica
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