DIY//Ryan Gosling Ornament

 Today at work my job is having a Christmas tree lighting and they asked us to bring a special ornament. I always like to have a little fun with the holiday festivities at work so I thought this diy ornament would be a hit. I mean, come on, what's more Christmas than Ryan Gosling wrapped up in lights?? This diy would apply to any photo you have of you and your loved one or your pet...just have fun with it.
 Supplies: Scissors, brush, glitter, mod podge, ornament, photo (mine is just printed from the computer) via here
 Cut off corners to round out and fit to ornament
 Apply mod podge to detailed areas you want glittered.
 Sprinkle with glitter.
 Shake off excess glitter, let dry, and apply with mod podge all over.
 Once dried, apply more mod podge to edges and glitter. 
 Let dry and then apply mod podge again to seal everything in.
All done. Hang from tree!
Happy Holidays :)
xoxo erica


3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

I used to have a scarf that I got as a free gift with a coat purchase one year. I wasn't really into them back then but something changed this year. This year I was determined to buy a scarf for the winter season. Well last week, I finally bought one! I've been playing around with ways to wear it and so far these are my favorite three.
Look 1
1. Tie ends of scarf together to make it like an infinity scarf 2. Wrap around neck twice
Look 2
1. Fold scarf in half so that loop is on one side and the ends on the other 2. Pull one end through loop 
3. Twist the loop 4. Pull other end through loop
Look 3
1. Super simple, just belt it up.
Happy scarf styling!
xoxo erica


Sweater Weather

Sweater: Thrifted, Leggings: c/o Persunmall, Bag: Marshalls, Heels: Image
Hey everyone!! Doesn't it feel like it's been forever...ok not really, but I have missed hanging around here. Well, not to worry. This weekend will be the beginning of some changes that should get this little blog going in the right direction. The past few days weeks I've been brainstorming, letting my hamster run with ideas and new material to share with you all...some exciting stuff!! So anyway, I wore this outfit to meet Chris for lunch not too long ago. I love these leather like leggings I got from Persunmall...they are so comfortable and go with just about everything in my closet. It was a bit chilly outside this day so I wore a chunky sweater with it. How are you wearing your leggings this season??
xoxo erica


A Casual Pencil

Tee: Dressing on the Side, Skirt: Target
 Even sometimes when I'm not at work, I like to wear my work clothes. I usually wear pencil skirts on a  eight to five basis...during off hours I like to pair them with fun tees. Do you ever find a way to make your "work" wardrobe work for your everyday wardrobe?
xoxo erica


I'm a Royal Witch

 This is how we like to get spooky around here...fun drinks and sweets :) Surprisingly this year nobody threw a huge party as expected. There's usually about 3 different kinds of Halloween parties from my family but this year I guess everyone decided to keep it low. I've only dressed up for my mother's witches convention party this year, which are where's these pics are from. Today at work I'll be wearing my lace cat ears and heading to my sister's house this afternoon to hand out candy and watch a scary movie. She lives in a sub-division so I'm pretty excited to see all the kids in their costumes...I've never handed out candy before! What does your night look like?
Happy Halloween!!!
xoxo erica


Mini Twist Buns Tutorial

Slowly I'm starting to find ways to style my hair even with it being short. I like the look of three mini buns because it looks like great even if gets a bit messy, which works for my layers. Oh and anything that is mini is just cute right? Have fun with this hairstyle by adding a braid to the front or using fun hair clips with it.
1. Part your hair.
2. Twist strand
3. Make a small bun with strand and bobby pin down.
Repeat for 2 more mini buns
4. Pull down a few hairs to frame face.
All done!
xoxo erica


Monday Morning Comes So Fast

Jacket: Marshalls, Blouse: JC Penney, Pants: Ann Taylor, Heels: Image, Bag: Marshalls
 This weekend was all a bit of a whirlwind. Friday was spent traveling 4 hours over and 4 hours back to see my brother-in-law retire from the military. Although it was a long day of driving, it was completely worth it to be there supporting his accomplishment and honoring him for the 22 years of service he has given to our country. My sister asked me to photos while we were there, which was fun because it's been awhile since I've been behind the camera. I guess I was so busy taking photos of everyone else that I never managed to get a pic of what I was wearing that day. This outfit is actually from Saturday, something I wore while running errands with Chris all day. Oh another highlight of the weekend was that yesterday Chris and I finally got caught up on the Walking Dead! Do any of you watch the show? How was your weekend?
xoxo erica


DIY//Lace Cat Ears

 Every year my mother throws a "Witches Convention" party to celebrate Halloween. All the girls in my family...my mom, grandma, aunts, cousins, sisters, and nieces all dress up either like a witch or black cat. We spend the entire evening talking, having a halloween themed dinner with a few drinks, and telling scary stories. It's been a fun party to look forward to every year. Most of the time I dress up like a black cat because hello! I'm a cat lady lol. This year I decided to try some lace cat ears.
Supplies: Headband, black lace, scissors, wire (mine are 5 inches long), glue gun, black nail polish, & felts (not pictured)
 1. Take a piece of wire and shape into the form of an ear.
 3. Layer: Wire, lace, and wire. Put dots of glue in certain spots to glue all the pieces together.
 4. Trim the lace.
 5. Glue and wrap the felt around the ends of your cat ear wire pieces to attach to the headband.
 6. Use the black polish to paint the wires black and cover up any dried glue.
All done :) Hope you get to try this if you need something cute for a party this weekend.

xoxo erica


Note to Self

Over the weekend I stumbled across this quote and it really sat with me. I had always wished that I lived in California. That if I had, my life would be more amazing. I would have my dream job, do all the things I ever wanted to do.  Well it's been 5 years since I've been to California and I've finally come around to open my eyes and see that I can find complete happiness here. All I need to do is let myself bloom, bloom in Texas...and if any of you have ever felt like me, there's no need to wait. You can bloom exactly where you are.

xoxo erica
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