DIY Instagram Photo Garland

 I'm known for keeping photos on my phone and never printing them...I think maybe we're all a little guilty of that right? I used to scrapbook all the time about two years ago and decided to pick it up again so I've been printing out photos for that lately, but I knew that it was time to print out some insta photos! I actually made a collage from the A Beautiful Mess App, putting 4 insta photos in one 4x6 to create the perfect mini instas for a photo garland. This is a pretty quick project to whip out, seriously the hardest part is trying to decide which photos to print!
Supplies: Insta photos, glue gun, and any kind of string
Place photos in an order of your liking, flip photo over, add some glue, and attach string. Easy peasy!
If you want to do a double strand, make two separate strands and then attach together or just make one really long strand and hang everywhere!
xoxo erica


A Month of Cake // Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

 Last week was my mother's birthday and I had said I would bake the cake for her. She requested a cake with cream cheese frosting and I decided I would go ahead and make the frosting myself. I had always heard it was easy but I hadn't imagined it would be as easy as it was...and it really does taste so much better than the store bought stuff. The cake went fast and everyone was asking for seconds...I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. 
Mix all the ingredients together...I recommend using a mixer but if you're old school like me go ahead and give yourself a good arm workout and mix it by hand lol. I topped off the cake with sprinkles of crushed m&m minis...so good girls.
xoxo erica


Hair Tutorial // Unicorn Braid Headband Tutorial

 When I first did a unicorn braid on myself years ago, I was obsessed. I saw a pretty fishtail hairstyle like this and thought it would be even more amazing with a unicorn braid. I'm loving it...and it's always a good hairstyle when you can have a braid and your hair down too. win win. Try this and be ready to amaze people...like for real. It's that pretty.
 Grab two pieces slightly behind the front of your hair.
Twist each piece counter clockwise. 
Once both are twisted, twist them together going clockwise.
 Repeat on other side and you have two small unicorn braids!
 Pull braid back and across and pin. Try to hide your pins by getting under the opposite braid or your hair. Repeat to the other braid and you're all done!
xoxo erica


Girl Talk // Tips on Sticking With a Workout Plan

Do you have the habit of going at a workout plan real strong in the beginning only to find yourself about two weeks later back in a slump? Yeah, that used to be me too. Lately Chris and I have been keeping up with working out consistently for the past 2 1/2 months. What?! Yeah, people we got this!
// Document It //
        -Take before and after photos. If you have a goal such as toning up or losing weight, I think it's a good idea to take these kind of photos. It doesn't matter if you hang them up on your wall or keep them locked away on your phone, but at least you have something you can look back at to see your progress.
 -Keep a journal. Whether you write it down or keep a photograph journal on instagram, this keeps you feeling accountable. Be honest on this, if you are documenting your meals...write it all down, even if you slip up. Sometimes if you didn't realize how often you grab fast food, writing it down or taking photos of your meals can really open your eyes and put you back on a healthy track. Even with your workouts, keeping a journal is a great way to chart your progress. Maybe before all you were doing was walking your miles but now you are running! Great job and keep it up!
// Find a Workout Partner // 
     -Get a workout buddy. I think this has made me and Chris successful with sticking with our workout plan because we keep each other motivated and push one another. If one of us feels like skipping out, the other one is there saying, "Come on, gym time....let's do this...you got this" Something along those lines. Just help each other keep pushing forward.
     -Someone you can text, talk, and occasionally work out with. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to say, "hey, did you get your workout in this morning?"  Everyone has different schedules and going to the gym together everyday just doesn't work out. It doesn't mean you can't help keep each other motivated and accountable.
 -Join a community. I do Tone it Up and I love it! The tone it up community is filled with other women who motivate and push each other to complete workouts, eat healthy, and feel great about themselves. I participate mainly through instagram...I just have a separate instagram account. Any of you girls TIU girls? Let me know your insta in the comments so we can follow each other. Being able to see all the other girls getting their workouts done and sticking to a healthy nutrition plan really motivates me. If they can do it, then I can do it too.
// Make a Motivation Board //
     -Cut out or print out pictures and put it up on a poster board. Make a pinterest board. Either way, I think this is great to have something visual that you want to work towards. Put motiviational quotes on there as well to remind yourself that you can do it even when you are feeling not so into working out.
// Set Goals and Reward Yourself //
     -Set small weekly goals that will keep you pushing to your ultimate goal. When you hit those, reward yourself with something like a fresh manicure or new heels. Just make hitting the challenges fun and reward yourself with something that's going to make you feel amazing.
// Make it Easy on Yourself //
     - Prep to workout. Set aside a gym bag with all your workout essentials and leave it in the car that way you have no excuse to hit the gym after work. If you plan on working out at home, keep the gym bag in a designated spot in your room...just stay prepared.
     -If you want to get in morning workouts, try sleeping in your workout clothes. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is get out of the bed. I know those Victoria's Secret yoga pants are so comfortable to lounge around in, but put them to some good use and work out in them too.
      -Make a workout schedule and hang it some place where you will see it daily. It's like keeping an agenda. If you already write it into your schedule, you will most likely try to keep a part of your day.
Do you have any tips on sticking with a workout? Leave them in the comments below.
xoxo erica


Summer Owls

Do you ever pair two pieces from your closet that look like they wouldn't go together only to find out that they were maybe kind of made for each other?  It's always a hit or miss kind of situation. This was one of those outfits. I actually didn't like it when I first put it on, but decided to keep it on a few more minutes. After putting on my makeup, it settled in and I started to really like it. I decided to keep this one as my outfit for the day...plus these cute owls just put a smile on my face. 
Hope you all have a happy weekend :)
xoxo erica


A Month of Cake // Cupcake Nails

 I type a lot at work and like some of you when I blog at home, so I see my hands all day. I try to keep my nails looking pretty but this time around I just wanted something really cute. When I decided that I wanted to do a month of cake, I knew I wanted to try cupcake nails. Seriously cupcakes are like my favorite and these nails are the most sweet, cutes, fun, and yummiest ever. 
 1. On the nail that's going to have the cupcake, paint half with the base color (pink) and the other half the color of what you want the cupcake liner to be...in this case blue. You can always reverse the colors from the way mine are if you want the bottom of the cupcake to be on the tip of your nail.
 2. Once that is dry, dip a thin brush to the nail polish applicator. This color should be lighter than your cupcake liner color. 
 3. Create thin lines to make the highlights of the liner.
 3. Next using a dotting tool, start to make several dots bunched up with white polish.
 4. Continue to use the dotting tool to create the rest of the cupcake and let dry.
5. This part is optional, but use a glitter polish to give a sprinkle effect.
 6. With a dark pink or red polish, use the dotting tool again to create the cherry on top of the cupcake. Once these dry, use your favorite top coat to seal these in.
 Aren't these soooo cute! I'm going to be craving cupcakes all day!!
Let me know if you give these a try #sobdamonthofcake
xoxo erica


Concert Aftermath

Over the weekend, Chris and I went to a concert to see AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Linkin Park. It was such a great night. First of all Jared Leto did the ice bucket challenge and he took his shirt off to do it so yeah, that was ah-mazing. Then Linkin Park completely tore it down...oh my gosh they were so good. It seriously is so fun to try and keep up with Chester and I paid for it the next day...my throat was so sore. Oh and this is the outfit I wore the next day while running around picking up some last minute things for my sister's birthday party. Chris always surprises me with a concert tee, I really love the one he picked out this time around.
xoxo erica


Gimmie What I Want // September Wish List

Now that California is right around the corner, I've been trying to think of what I'll be packing with me. I think traveling is always a fun excuse to go shopping even if I don't really need anything new. These are some of my current favorite finds online. Actually I just showed Chris this dress and he said I should definitely buy it. When the husband approves of wish list items, you don't hesitate, so excuse me while I go make that pretty thing mine. Feels good to start the week off with a super cute dress heading my way.

xoxo erica


Life Lately

 1. Colorful blooms...this color combination is the prettiest!
 2. Yummy starbucks treats while catching up on magazines.
3. Chris' brother nominated me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge...it was so cold.
4. Wearing these shoes to work...feeling fancy.
5. Hanging out in my old room at home...miss my bed and these guys.
 6. Everyday kind of outfit with a new kind of pattern for me. I hardly ever wear animal print.
7. We celebrated my nephew's first birthday last week.
8. Me and Chris have been working out a lot lately. Whenever we do workouts at home, Scar is always there to motivate us along the way.
9. Celebration drink :)
10. Wore this out to dinner the other night...love this skirt.

see more life lately posts here.

xoxo erica


A Month of Cake // Easy Heart Sprinkle Cake

 Over the weekend Chris asked me to bake him a cake. One of his favorites is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting...yum. I wanted to do something a bit creative with it and I've always loved the pop of color from sprinkles against chocolate frosting. This turned out really well and Chris was super impressed. I thought this was a great way to kick off A Month of Cake...lots of yummy and fun stuff around the corner.
1. Start by frosting your cake.
2. Place parchment paper stencil in the center of cake. I simply folded a piece of parchment paper in half and cut out half a heart to make a full heart. 
 3. Shake sprinkles onto cake.
4. After a about half of the heart is complete, pat down with your finger to ensure sprinkles are sticking to the frosting.
5. Repeat for the other half of the heart.
 6. Carefully lift the parchment paper from the cake. The frosting will be messy but just smooth it out.
And you're all done. I loved the way it came out. I think it would work out really great with large numbers or letters. Let me know if you give it a try. #sobdamonthofcake

xoxo erica
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