My Weekend

This weekend was so nice outside.  The weather was perfect, not too hot not too cold. Oh and I got my fancy rabbit tote bag in on Friday. Isn't he cute? love it!!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was great, like I said before I had nothing to do...for the first time in what felt like forever.


Taking it Easy

Today was a relaxing day.
Didn't go to work...I had taken the day off.
Laid around and did nothing but relax...all day.
Perfect start to my weekend
Hope yours is perfect too


Where have you been all my life ?

Seriously...I instantly feel in love with Stone_Cold _Fox.  I love how these designs are feminine and have a romance about them.  Everything is made custom ordered and you can even have a Stone_Cold_Fox party.  How amazing would it be to invite a few girlfriends over for a good time of trying on the entire collection while sipping on a few drinks?  So much fun!!! They are all so gorgeous that it is extremely hard to choose a favorite but I'm really loving this next look,  the lace scalloped shorts, and the white lace skirt. These are some of the lovely pieces from their Lady Bonita 2010 Collection...enjoy!!

images via: googleimages



So today has been one of those days that just drags by.  Maybe it's my lack of sleep but all day I kept thinking it was Thursday which made me really happy for a few reasons.  
1. Tomorrow would be Friday 
2. Tomorrow would be $pay day$ 
3. I would be done with school for the week
 4. I could finally relax
...but then it hits me after awhile and I realize it's only Tuesday which then makes me kind of sad :( ...see my sad eyes?? I'm really sad.  Update I just tried to take a sip of my green tea and it seems I just finished my bottle...make that #5.  Ok on to happier things...This is what has been making me happy lately.

My new necklace next to the lovely Marilyn...I can't stop wearing it.

This cute tote bag from this etsy shop
so happy fancy rabbit is mine <3

calming morning like these

circus themed tea parties
check out more pics here


It's True

I've been to a few different states...Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, California, and have driven through countless many.  Driving from Texas to Florida in non-stop rain was probably the worst...I definitely don't want to do that again.  California comes in on top then Virginia (Washington D.C.) at a close second. Sorry Texas :(  don't get me wrong I like you but it's mainly because my family lives here. Sometimes I think I would love to leave Texas but I don't think I could ever be states away from my entire family.  If you could move to a different state would you?  


It's Friday!!

Do what you want this weekend.  Be yourself & have fun...and maybe get into a little trouble :)


It's a Blah Day

shirt: gifted, skirt: rue21, tights: Target, boots: Charlotte Russe

This week has been a really unproductive week.  Even with the holiday, I feel as if I have not been able to get anything done. I woke up late this morning and it's been dreary all day...blah.  I decided to wear this sweater for the funky print, it reminds me of bold brushstrokes (and it's in purple, my favorite color)!!  The asymmetrical sweater has been making it way into my closet this year which I'm really glad it did.  This one was a gift from Christmas that came with the black belt :). Anyway it's only Wednesday so hopefully I can be more productive the rest of the week. How's your week going?


Wild at Heart

I've always thought that red was the sexiest mixed with leopard but I'm changing my mind.  I'm loving the mix of the soft pink with a racy print like leopard.  It's almost like a naughty meets nice...don't you think?  This just may be my inspiration for a fun Valentine's Day look.  I've got a month till then so I'm thinking I can definitely make it happen.

I got my sights set on you
And I'm ready to aim
I have a heart that will
Never be tamed

I knew you were something special
When you spoke my name
Now I can't wait to see you again

I've got a way of knowing
When something is right
I feel like I must have known you
In another life
'cause I felt this deep connection
When you looked in my eyes

Now I can't wait to see you again

See You Again-Miley Cyrus

image via: weheartit

On the Hunt for...

green nail polish...I'm getting bored of my go to red

polka dot tights

dresses with ruffles

the perfect color of lipstick...Amanda Seyfried looks gorgeous!!!

lingerie inspired clothing


Live the life you Imagined...

Sometimes I stress out about things going on in life
but then I start to dream about how everything will be better
and I imagine all the things I want for myself
And I realize I'm the only one who can make it happen

love these images

find more of Elle's photos here.


When There's Not Enough Time

I had planned on buying a new dress or something a little more festive but time always gets the best of me and I used what was in my closet. I spent the last hours of 2010 in the one color I can't stay away from and thankfully the blouse came with a belt that had some sparkle to it. This happens to be one of about 5 pictures I took from the night. I completely forgot to use my camera...lots of dancing was going on. I did remember to take pictures of the chocolate dipped marshmallows I made for the party. It was perfect because it took hardly any time to make and they were a hit at the party.

To make I used:
chocolate candy coating

All I had to do was heat up the chocolate until melted and dip the marshmallows in the chocolate and then the sprinkles...so easy.

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