Dress Shopping

I'm so happy to be finally sharing this good news...Chris and I are engaged!!!!!!! Okay, did I put enough exclamation points there? Seriously I'm so excited. It was something like a dream to see Chris down on one knee.  I remember being in shock at first when I said yes and then after a few minutes all the excitement set in. We were in Austin when he asked me and to start our engagement off right; we went down to the hotel bar to have a celebratory drink before heading off to prom. I had a diamond margarita...very fitting right? I actually liked that he asked me with just the two of us there rather than in front of family. We got to have the whole night and the day after to just be excited about the whole thing. Once we started telling family and friends all kinds of questions were coming from left and right about wedding details...and it got overwhelming to not have any of the answers. With that being said, the last few weeks have been spent in wedding planning mode because we are looking at getting married in about 7 months!! So last week, I went and picked out a dress :) 
As more details start to fall into place, I'll be sharing a few here.

If you want to see a few pics from our anniversary check it out here

xoxo erica


Out in the City

Dress: Marshalls, Heels: Kimchi Blue, Purse: c/o Lulu's, Necklace: Diamente Jewelry
 The other day, I did a girls shopping trip with my sisters and mother. It felt nice to step out into the city for a change and walk from store to store. Life's been a bit busy lately and shopping around for pretty new things was a perfect way to get away from all the fuss. Oh and to top it all off, the night ended with Sprinkles cupcakes. Doesn't get much better than that.
Oh and I'm sharing some pretty exciting news tomorrow...just fyi.

xoxo erica


Fruit Popsicles

 I seriously can't believe it took me this long to make these fruit popsicles. They are beyond easy to make and are the perfect treat to cool down on a hot afternoon. I have a huge sweet tooth and these were a great alternative to cure my cravings while trying to stay as healthy as possible. I've started saving these for a post workout snack. So refreshing and delicious...you have to give them a try.
popsicle molds, coconut water, pineapple juice, fruit 
 slice up fruit
throw fruit pieces in mold
fill up halfway with coconut water, fill up the rest with pineapple juice
freeze and enjoy
xoxo erica


Working Girl

Top: Target, Skirt: Kohls, Heels: Thrifted, Belt: Diamente Jewelry
 Most of the outfits I feature on the blog are something I wore over the weekend. The other day while I at work someone mentioned to me that they really liked the way I dress and how I always have creative outfits. I thought it would be fun to show you all something you can find me wearing during the week. Normally I try to stick with pencil skirts but I do wear this pleated skirt every now and then. The most important thing for me when getting dressed in the morning is just to have fun with the outfit while still staying in dress code for my job. I used to be the girl who just rolled out of bed and wore whatever before I started this blog so I now I make it a point to dress up for work and let my personality shine through...this is actually something I wouldn't mind wearing out for a date. 
How do you dress for work? Is it completely different from how you dress when you are dressing for yourself?
xoxo erica


Life Lately

 1. Wearing my all time favorite dress to TxSc Prom. I had so much dancing the night away with new friends.
 2. Shopping in a casual outfit...classic white tee and jeans combo.
3. I had a short week at work where Thursday was pretty much my Friday...that's calls for the type of celebration that includes chocolate icing and sprinkles.
3. Photobooth pics!! These were taken after a night of drinking and dancing...shortly after these photos, stops to 4 different food trucks happened. 
5. Ok, so I met Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess...can you say blogger dream come true. These girls are the sweetest and I got to have a fun conversation with them. 
6. This kitten is totally stealing the spotlight...I don't mind. Look at those beautiful baby blues.
7. While in Austin the one thing on the top of my list was finding Hey Cupcake. These were beyond delicious.
8. I saw Hollywood Undead for the 2nd time this year. Being able to see them perform a full show was amazing! 
9. Playing with prints and textures...sequins, floral lace, and stripe shorts = a fun outfit.
10. One of my favorite moments while in Austin. Me and Chris snuck up to the top floor to take in the city view after a memorable night.

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xoxo erica

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Sweet Spot for Scallops

Top: Target, Shorts: Langford Market, Heels: Image 
Last weekend while at the Texas Style Conference, I took a workshop about self photography. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is hilarious and gave some helpful tips on the subject. I decided that this weekend would be my perfect chance to test it out. Consider this outfit post as self photography take 1. Not so bad for my first time in front of the self timer on my camera...I'm a good student I guess. I bought these shorts while shopping in downtown Austin last week. I thought the scallop edges were the cutest and knew they would a great addition to my summer wardrobe...loving them so far.
xoxo erica


Beaded Beauty

Dress: Thrifted F21, Wedges: F21, Clutch: Jenny Packam
While in Austin there was so much to do (many happy moments over the weekend) but Chris and I managed to sneak in an outfit shoot at least one of the days. Even though I went for a blogging event, I wanted to spend some alone time with Chris just wandering the city and have fun making memories in a new city for us. In between classes and the prom party that night we walked around downtown and found a place to have lunch...oh and of course I couldn't resist a little shopping. This is the dress I wore the second day we were there. It's kind of perfect for me because I'm so bad at accessorizing but this dress has such a standout bodice I don't really need anything...win win. 
 xoxo erica


Lucky Stripes

 Dress worn as top: Marshalls, Skirt: F21, Heels: Thrifted
Usually during the summer you wouldn't catch me wearing a long skirt. I thought for dinner though, I might just switch it up. Me and Chris went out for a "last meal" dinner. You know the ones you have before a new workout and nutrition plan and you eat whatever you want. Yeah, it was so good. What's better than pasta, wine, and sitting across from the best guy? I'm a lucky girl.
 xoxo erica
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