DIY // Simple Dip Dyed Wall Hanging

 I'm constantly inspired by new things all the time and if it's simple enough I try to make it myself. Being creative and making things with my hands is king of my thing. Lately I've been seeing these pretty wall hangings made out of yarn and knew I had to give it a try. There are so many variations you can do with yarn wall hangings to really fit your style. I went with a colorful dip dyed version :)
 1. Cut yarn. Each piece will be double the desired length because it is folded in half.
2. Loop onto stick. Fold string of yarn in half, place the loop under the stick. Pull the two ends through the loop. Tighten and pull down. Continue this process until you have the width of desired wall hanging.
3. Fill cup about half way with water and add blue food coloring. Dip about 2/3 of yarn into cup. I left mine sitting for about 5 minutes. Let air dry.
4. Before the yarn is completely dry, dip the ends into a cup with red food coloring, leave in for another 5 minutes and let air dry.
5. Once completely dry, cut yarn going from the outside to center at an angle.
 xoxo erica


Hair Tutorial // Half Up Top Knot

One of my favorite instagramers has been rocking this half up top knot look lately. It looked so great on her that I decided I needed to give it a try. I haven't worn my hair in a half up half down look in forever but this hairstyle is definitely fun enough to keep wearing it again.
 1. Pull up section of hair that you want to top knot.
2. Twist your hair around your index finger forming a bun.
3. Rubber band over your bun.
All done...easy peasy :)
xoxo erica


Sparkly Heart

Dress: Ross, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, Purse: Candie's, Brooch: DIY 
Happy Tuesday everyone! The other day, I wore this outfit to the grocery store and just felt super cute. I've worn this dress plenty of times before, but this has to have be my favorite way I've worn it. This time around I paired it with a fun sequin heart brooch...sparkly things just make my heart happy. It's funny how the smallest detail can make a big impact. Do you have any accessories that paired with even the simplest outfit, take it to the next level? Oh and this was my first time going out into the "city" all by lonesome to take outfit photos! Exciting stuff right?!
xoxo erica

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A Sweet Idea // Cool Whip Ice Cream Sandwiches

A few years ago I found out about cool whip ice cream sandwiches from Holly. She's always posting about yummy recipes and these were too easy to not try. I made them for my family and they loved them. Then I made for a party at Chris's house and everyone loved them. So you know what...I kept making them. Since then I've tried a few different variations from plain old vanilla. Right now sprinkles and reese's pieces are my current fav. 
Toppings (I'm using sprinkles & reese's pieces), graham crackers, cool whip
*I made two variations: plain cool whip with sprinkles on top & cool whip mixed with reese's pieces*
1. Chop reese's pieces and mix into cool whip.
2. Put a good spoonful of cool whip to graham cracker. 
3. Add sprinkles to sandwiches with plain cool whip!!
4. Top with graham cracker and place in freezer for at least an hour.
yum! Hope you enjoy!
xoxo erica

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Giveaway // Ban.do Agenda

Hey everyone, it's Friday!!! And nothing makes Friday better than an awesome giveaway. When I got the email from Ban.do that they had come out with a new agenda, I knew I was going to need it. I bought another one to give to a lucky Sea of Blooming Dreams readers because y'all are so awesome. Seriously I'm so in love with this agenda, the super cute illustrations and stickers are the best. I can't wait for August to get here so I can start using it. 
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Good Luck!!!!
xoxo erica

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Life Lately

1. Standing in a pile of confetti from our wedding photographers.
2. Cake I baked for my family.
3. Being a dj for the night.
4. I thought this card was hilarious...gave this to chris on date night.
4. Watermelon nails!
6. One of chris' mixed drinks...so good.
7. Dinner date
8. Cheered for the astros for the night. 
9. This is how every morning should start.
10. I've been having fun with my nails...4th of july.

xoxo erica
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DIY // Glitter Washi Tape Frame

I recently got all my wedding photos back...seriously,I'm so excited to share them with you all! There were a ton of photos (okay more like 600) to go through and this was one of my favorites. I've been wanting to try a washi tape frame for some time now and since this photo was in black and white, it seemed like it was meant to be. Oh and of course I had to add glitter to the mix. 
I used a piece of sheet rock so that I could move it around whenever. I also tried doing this straight on the wall and it worked out great. If only I had a huge blank wall to put a bunch of photos with washi frames...that would be lovely.
1. Frame your picture with washi tape going across and down.
I added a few diagonal strips. This is the part where you can be creative about the design.
2. Dip a paint brush into glue and paint onto tape. Sprinkle glitter.
3. Tape up all edges of the sheet rock.
That's all there is to it :)
xoxo erica


Colorful Florals

Dress: Target, Skirt: Closet Swapped, Shoes: Nine West
Once summer hits I always tell myself that I'm going to fill my closets with lots and lots of color. The sad thing is that I usually don't. Black is pretty much my comfort zone color...I just cant' help it. The last time I wore this skirt it was with a black tee but this time I wanted to go full on color. I really like it this way so much more...happier, prettier, and just more fun.
Do you ever feel like you have a comfort zone color? Do you stick to neutrals or colors when getting dressed?
xoxo erica


Gimmie What I Want // July Wish List

the dress
 How pretty is this bold floral print against a neutral colored background? I think it's just the right kind of combination for a fun and fresh summer kind of dress. And I don't really want to get ahead of myself, but this dress would kind of be perfect for fall too. Got to love a good transition piece.

the boots
I feel like my closet consists of mainly black shoes. Even if nude plays a part, black is always there. For the past few weeks I've been looking for a pair of cute cutout brown booties. I mean they would look great with everything, cutoff shorts, lace dresses, cuffed skinnies...I could go on and on.

the accessory
These bobbies have been on my radar for awhile now. I feel like I'm always finding something on the ban.do site that I need to have. I just love how playful the girl talk bobbies are...they definitely would make any casual outfit so much more fun. If you follow me on instagram then you already know that there's going to be a giveaway later this week from the ban.do shop. Be excited!


Married Makings // Tequila Crush Margarita

 About two summers ago me and Chris were really into making our own margaritas. Latley I've been craving margaritas over my usual beer and I told Chris that I wanted to start making our own drinks again this summer. Being "mixologist" together was one of my favorite summer time activities to do as a couple. We had a lot of fun coming up with drinks and finding names to go along with them. Chris was more of the brains behind this drink and it was so good. I loved the idea of freezing up Orange Crush soda to put a fun twist to a margarita on the rocks!
 Here's what you will need: Tequila, Triple Sec, Limes, Lemons, Orange Crush Ice Cubes, Orange Juice, Jigger, Shaker, and Squeezer
 Put a few cubes of ice into your mixer and add:
1 1/2 oz of tequila
1 oz of triple sec
1 oz of orange juice
 Squeeze 1/2 oz lime juice & 1/2 oz of lemon juice.
Add that to your mixer and shake up.
At this point you can add margarita salt or sugar to the rim of your glass and garnish with a slice of  lemon & lime.
Pour your drink :)
 Take your Orange Crush ice cubes and add them to your margarita.
Drink up and enjoy!!!
xoxo erica & chris
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