First Trip of the Year

When Chris and I started talking about the new year, we decided that we wanted to take more time to travel. We did a little getaway to Austin over the weekend. Originally we were suppose to go for bachelor/bachelorette parties and when that didn't work out, we decided to go anyway and just have fun.  That included a night of dancing and drinks, really good dinner dates, visiting family for spongebob birthday celebrations, and of course shopping. This was my third time being in Austin and I love shopping around the boutiques in downtown. I ended up spending all my money in Langford Market...brought that pretty skirt home with me :)
xoxo erica


Day to Night // Chunky Sweater

 Sweater  Day: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4  Night: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The past few days have been an up and down spiral of hot and cold. Can't the weather just make up it's mind already? In the meantime here's how I would take a chunky sweater (cool weather wardrobe essential) from day to night.

1. Keep the sun out of those gorgeous eyes...neutral ones for daytime. 
2. A fun print to pair under a chunky sweater...this one's for all the cat ladies like me.
3. Give your outfit a pop with a punchy colored bag.
4. Fun cutout booties keep things interesting.

1. Wear a not so usual bag for the night...this one holds all the essentials.
2. Dress up a casual sweater with statement jewels.
3. Sleek heels keep things dressy even when not wearing a skirt/dress.
4. Leather takes leggings to the next level with a bit of sheen. 

Which look would you wear? Day? Night? Or both?

xoxo erica


In the Mix

Jacket: Marshalls, Top: Thrifted, Leggings: c/o Persunmall, Heels: Image
I often feel like my style has somewhat of a split personality. I'm a girly girl at heart but I think my love for rock music has an influence on me. I love studs, mesh, leather, and band tees but then on the other side of my closet are ruffles, pouffy skirts, floral dresses, and shiny sequins. This outfit captures that mixed style of mine perfectly. Does your style mix? How would you describe your mixed style?
xoxo erica


The Run Around

Sweater: Kohls, Shorts: Thrifted F21, Boots: Charlotte Russe
 Lately I've been dressing in outfits that are pretty simple with no fuss. I've been doing non-stop wedding preparation. Hobby lobby has become my new "favorite" store and I don't really like it. I think the cashiers probably know me by name now lol. With all the running around I've been doing it's been a must to dress in comfortable clothing like leggings and tees. This was an outfit from the weekend, one of my more "dressed up" looks...a relaxed sweater and flowy shorts.

 xoxo erica


Tasty Tuesday // Spaghetti Squash

Over the weekend, I finally ate spaghetti squash. I've been trying to find healthy substitutes for some of my most loved "not so healthy" foods. I'd have to say spaghetti is at the top of my list of my most favorite things to eat. I'm a huge pasta lover and hardly ever pass up the chance to enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti. I'm finally starting to stick to healthier eating habits and figured it was about time to give spaghetti squash a try...turns out I like it :) 
 1. With a knife, carefully cut the squash in half.
 2. Scoop out the insides.
 It should look like this.
3. With a fork, poke a few holes so steam can come out.
 4. Place in the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. 
Once tender, use a fork to take out "spaghetti" from squash. Be careful if your squash is hot.
All done. Pair with your usual spaghetti toppings. 
Enjoy!! :)

xoxo erica


Note to Self//02

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend lovelies.
xoxo erica


DIY Heart Sharpie Cup

I've seen this kind of tutorial around the blogosphere for some time and really wanted to try it during the fall/winter time but never got around to it. Lately I've been drinking hot green tea in the mornings and figured now was a good time to finally do it. I been obsessing over gold for some reason and loved the way it pops on a black mug...oh and hearts are kinda my thing right now. 
 Supplies: Mug, Gold Sharpie
 Freehand your drawing
 Or you can be like me and draw 6 dots, 2 at the top, 1 in the center, 2 outer dots slightly under the center, and 1 at the bottom center.
 Connect the dots...if you accidentally make your lines not to your liking, simply scratch it off with your nail.
All done with the drawing part. Put this in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
And then you're done :)

xoxo erica


Life Lately

1. Chris surprised me with floor seats to see Justin, my favorite ever! I had an amazing time dancing and singing the night away. 
 2. This pic of my grandparents was on the fridge throughout the holidays. It's been years since my grandpa passed and every time I look at this pic it makes me incredibly happy. 
3. Eating Mexican with my love.
4. The newest addition to my family. I'm a great aunt!
5. The floral section is always my first stop when I go grocery shopping.
 6. Passion fruit tea and shopping...a happy combo.
7. Ringing in the new year with Scar. He doesn't look too happy about 2014 lol.
8. Pizza date after a movie :)
9. A peek at engagement photos.
10. Sending lots of love.

xoxo erica

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Sock Bun Hair Tutorial

 I've always loved quick and easy hair styles so naturally it was about time that I tried the sock bun. It's pretty much the easiest thing to give you a put together look when you don't have much time spend in front of the mirror. Oh and I've seen a few different way of using a sock bun but, this way of styling it works really well for my short hair and layers.
 First of all, you are going to need a sock donut. To make, simply get a sock (preferably one close to your hair color), cut the toes part off, and roll into donut. Now lets get started.
1. Pull hair into a loose pony tail.
2. Slide sock donut onto pony.
3. Split hair into two sections and spread over sock donut.
4. Put a rubber band over donut to create bun.
5. Wrap the ends of hair around bun and secure with bobby pins.
All done :)
xoxo erica


Gimmie What I Want // January Wish List

Okay, so I know Christmas just passed and although I got way more gifts than I expected (all which were pretty fabulous), I couldn't help but share a small wish list with you. I think every girl kind of has an on-going wish list at all times. These are my current items:

the dress 
I'm practically swooning over this ultra feminine dress. Isn't the color just the loveliest?
the shoes
 I'm really loving the serious cutouts these heels have going on. And even though it's a bit cold outside, that won't stop me. I'll wear these heels with a pair of tights any day...so cute.
the accessory 
I'm actually thinking I might just buy this headband after I'm done typing this post. It's really hard to resist since my bachelorette party is coming up. I'm so excited. Don't be surprised if you see me wearing this one in the next few weeks.

What's on your current wish list?

xoxo erica


Tasty Tuesday // Thin Mint Cookies

 Lately I've been looking up healthy recipes on pinterest and every once and a while I find myself scrolling through pages of sweets. For a cookie exchange over the holidays I followed this recipe. I love minty things...mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite thing ever...like seriously. Anyways these turned out ah-mazing. Oh and just a tip if you try these out: Because I used a mint extract that was more water based when mixing with the chocolate it thickened and was difficult to dip and get the cookie covered in chocolate. I had to "frost" them with chocolate. A bit messy but just as tasty.
To make:
1. Take off the creme filling for each oreo.
2. Melt chocolate chips and add mint extract to taste.
3. Dip or frost cookies
4. Add sprinkles or peppermint
5. Let these sit for a few minutes to harden or stick them in the fridge for about 5 minutes.
Hope you enjoy :)
xoxo erica

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