Not Your Average Cheerleader

 Tank: Thrifted, Skirt: Target, Sandals: Simply Vera Wang, Necklace: Rue 21

The boyfriend plays softball every Tuesday night.  Like the good girlfriend I am, I go to every game to cheer him on.  I actually used to be a cheerleader back in jr.high...haha that was so long ago. He's played on various teams for the past few years and he says it means alot to him to see me supporting him in the stands. Sometimes I even pull out my tennis shoes and have played a few games with him when it's a co-ed team.  I decided to wear this to the game because it's completely casual and comfortable but still looks dressed up. I'm completely in love with the color of this tank and the ruffles just make it better.  Are you ever the cheerleader for anyone??


Places I've Been, People I've Seen-2

This is a pic from that night, Brody is on the right.  This pic doesn't really do him justice, he's a lot more good looking in person.  

Okay so this is an old story but I still wanted to share.  When my sister got married about 3 years ago we went to Vegas for the bachelor/bachelorette parties.  At the time I used to be all into the Hills and was really excited when I heard Brody Jenner was going to be hosting at Pure the night we planned on going.  Before Vegas I didn't think Brody was hot...I used to see him on a few episodes of the Hills but never thought too much about him.  Anyway that night my sister and cousin had forgotten something in the hotel room so our party was already waiting for them against a wall in the club. I decided to take a look out at the lines of people waiting to get in to see where my sis was in line.  As I started to walk back up to my group, I felt someone rubbing on my shoulder. I looked up to see this guy walking next to me as we were touching shoulders.  All I could think was "Damn, this guy is hot". I then noticed I was walking with a group of people as they were following a bouncer from the club and I started to think, wow this guy looks familiar.  Then a light bulb went off in my head as I stopped for a second to see Brody pass me by.  Why the hell didn't I say anything or just walk with them to the VIP section??  Oh well stupid me...the night still turned out to be fun as we partied until the early hours of morning...didn't go to bed until 6 that morning.

 pics via

Do you have any stories of meeting anyone famous???...please do tell.
Email me your story and a pic if you have one...I'll be sure to feature it in an upcoming post.


White Hot

Weird Face...it's okay you can laugh :)
Shirt: Target, Jeans: Thrifted-diy, Heels: Ross, Earrings: Target

Hey everyone, how was your weekend??  Mine was great :)  I watched Bad Teacher...loved it, celebrated the boyfriend's new job Saturday and partied till 7 in the morning, and relaxed much of Sunday after only a 3 hour nap.  This morning I thought it felt good enough outside to wear some jeans so I decided on these that I did for one of my final projects this past quarter.  I added lace to the back pockets and cutaway the flare of the original jean and replaced it with lace.  Normally I would never wear white jeans but I found these at a thrift store and they actually fit me pretty good.  Plus after seeing The Blind Side and seeing how amazing Sandra Bullock looked in her white pants, I always secretly wanted a pair. Well I'm off to meet a friend for lunch, hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday! 

 These earrings are really old but I still wear them anyway...


Flowers and Studs

 Shirt: Thrifted, Dress worn as skirt: Forever 21, Heels: Target, Belt: Gift, Purse: Thrifted, Necklace: Forever 21

Black has always been a color I wear on a day to day basis so lately I've been trying to add more color to my wardrobe.  I love the contrast of the dark black and studs mixed with light girly prints. What are some of the things you like to mix together??  The boyfriend starts a new job Monday so tonight his co-workers are taking him out and he is having a guys night.  Of course this means I'm having a girls night!!  This means margaritas for happy hour and then a little Justin Timberlake.  I've been in love with him for forever so I have to watch Bad Teacher...and then who knows what will happen after the movie. The night will still be young :) 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


Pink Sunsets

Yesterday me and the boyfriend went for a run through the fields behind his house.  I know running outdoors is suppose to feel better than just running on a treadmill but I think I just hate running.  Don't get me wrong it was really beautiful outside...when we got back to his house after our 2 mile run I couldn't resist getting my camera to snap a few shots. :) 


When I've Got the Blues...

And other pretty things...


Caffeine Fix

Hey dolls, How was everyone's weekend??
I hope you all had a good father's day spending time with your dad.
Mine was great...I bought my dad a tree for his garden which he loved.  While the cute worker was helping me out with getting the tree, the sprinkler system went off and we got quite a bit wet.  It was so hot outside that I really didn't mind, it was actually a bit funny.  I'm just glad I wasn't wearing a white tee shirt...that would have been embarrassing.
Anyway today has been filled with running errands. And what better way to end a day of running around other than Starbucks...yum :)  Just enjoying the beginning of my summer break.

I promise I'm not naked...I look like I'm not wearing anything but I actually have a cute strapless dress on. I need to do an outfit post on this one.


Places I've Been, People I've Seen

Have you ever been somewhere and the hottest person (other than your significant other) happens to be in the same room as you??
I couldn't believe it when this guy was here at our local hang out.
Yes, I'm talking about Mario Lopez!!!

Now I don't know about you but I used to love Saved by the Bell...back then I wasn't so into A.C. Slater but after Dancing with the Stars...well just look at the pic.  Do I even have to say anything???  
He was so sweet when me and my sis asked if he would take a pic with us.
His only condition was that we had to take a picture of him and his date on his camera.
This was about two years ago but I was going through some of my old pics and thought I should leave you all with some hotness for the weekend.

Do you have any stories of meeting anyone famous???...please do tell.
Email me your story and a pic if you have one...I'll be sure to feature it in an upcoming post.

Hope all you lovelies have a great weekend!!


Sometimes I get all ladylike and stuff...

Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: Lauren Conrad dress, Shoes: Target, Belt: Forever 21 

It's been awhile since I've been this dressed up.  Not that this outfit is really dressy or anything but it makes me feel like I'm still working my old job at the office.  I think it's the skirt which is really a dress.  I wore this for my product development class presentation...which I rocked...which is crazy because I used to be really shy.  I'm over it now :)  Sorry for the lack of posting. These are the last few days of school so this week I've been working on all my final projects and studying for my exams. For some reason this quarter has felt longer than usual and I'm just ready for it to be over...can't wait for summer!!!  What are your plans for summer?? 

Awkward pose...it's hard taking your own photos.


Distant Memory

This shirt reminds me of being back in drill team...I guess it's all the fringe.  Those memories were sooooo long ago.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend...hope you get to make lots of good memories :)


Out of the Dark & into the Light

Tank: Marshalls, Skirt: Lauren Conrad, Heels: Steve Madden, Bracelet: vintage necklace, Ring: Treasure Hunters

I usually wear this tank with my black skirt but decided to try it with a lighter version.  I love the contrast of the darker shirt paired with this light skirt..and again more ruffles. These heels I almost forgot I had...they've been in hiding for about a year now...so glad I found them. Hope all is well with everyone and exams are going good.  I've been working on a bunch of end of the quarter projects.  One more week of class left until I finally get my first real summer break in what feels like forever.  I think this will be the first summer in 9 years that I'm not working...loving it :)

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