Fun & Flirty

Jacket: ?, Blouse: Target, Dress: Poshmark Find, Booties: H&M
 I tend to shop for occasions...right now I'm currently shopping for an upcoming Austin trip. This dress was purchased in mind with wearing it for Valentines Day. Well, we all know that didn't happen, which doesn't surprise me because if I'm shopping for occasion, I usually over shop. I ended up wearing this dress this past weekend when we actually had some unexpected nice weather. Score! Because honestly, this dress is just too fun and flirty that I couldn't wait to wear it!
xoxo erica


Life Lately

1. When I met my niece's new pup, I had to take a selfie with him. This kind of cuteness needs to be shared!! Look at those baby blues.
 2. I recently celebrated a friends birthday and gave her this starburst filled pinata. It's so happy, fun, and festive...I love being able to give gifts like that.
3. This is that heart backdrop I talked about that Chris and I did for our Valentines Day dance...it was a big hit at our party.
4. I made this shadow box with flowers from my wedding bouquet. I've been meaning to do it for months and I'm really happy I finally got around to doing it. 
5. These are my current favorite shoes. All I'm waiting for is the weather to warm up again...it's currently freezing...brrr.
6. We celebrated our nieces birthday last week. This was my OMG we are Chuck E. Cheese rich face!
7. Painted this not too long ago because really...ice cream is everything.
8. Is anyone else obsessed with this show? Girls and Pretty Little Liars are my current fav shows.
9. I was suppose to share these chocolates but that didn't really end up happening. lol
10. So this is probably my favorite picture ever! I love Papa Roach and went we went to the show at the end of January, I met Jerry Horton the lead guitarist...he's actually my #1 celebrity crush! Happy girl here.

xoxo erica


Spot On

Hey everyone, it's been awhile...well only a week but in the blog world that can feel like a long time right? This is actually my outfit from Valentines Day that I really wanted to share. It's funny because it's nothing like what I planned on wearing...do you remember my outfit inspiration? Yeah there wasn't any animal print in there lol. This was a very last minute outfit that I just decided to go with. Chris and I threw a Valentines Day dance for mine and his family and a few close friends. There were glittered hanging hearts, balloon garlands, chocolate covered strawberries, a neon light heart backdrop, shots,  dancing selfies, and really good music. It was a total blast and we danced into the early morning hours. Oh and yes, these Litas stayed on my feet all night long and my feet didn't even hurt a bit...most comfortable platforms ever!
xoxo erica


DIY // Mean Girls Valentines

 I always like to hand out valentines and candy to the girls I work with. This year we've been doing movie nights with each other and Mean Girls was a movie I think we all knew line for line. Seriously, it's still one of my favorites! I thought some of the quotes from the movie would be cool valentines. I just handed them out this morning and they were a hit...so much fun. Definitely give these a try if you have some cool girls to hang out with tomorrow. 

1. Trace a heart onto watercolor paper.
2. Cut out and paint.
3. Once dry, add your favorite quotes.

Here is what I wrote on the back of these:
GROOL- Hey Valentine, you're pretty grool!
Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries- Hey Valentine, hope your day is full of all the good stuff!
You're like really pretty - Happy heart day!
So Fetch - Hope you have a fetch day Valentine!
I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom - Hey Valentine, you're the coolest!
On Valentine's Day we wear pink! - Happy Valentine's Day!

xoxo erica


Valentine's Day Outfit Pinspiration

Have you already decided on your Valentine's Day outfit? Please tell me I'm not the only girl who has been thinking of what to wear for the past two weeks. I usually dress in the typical valentine's day girly girl colors and that's about how far I've gotten with my outfit lol I do have a dress version of the light pink skirt in the first pic, so that outfit has me really inspired. What are you wearing this Saturday?

xoxo erica

Check out these pins and other outfit inspiration here


Florals and Lace

Dress worn as top: Kohls, Skirt: Closet Swapped, Tights: Target, Heels: Kohls, Simply Vera Wang
The other day after work, Chris told me...get dressed. I'm taking you out for dinner. I quickly opened up my closet door and started changing in and out of a few pieces before I was like wait...where are we going? He didn't tell me and this was the outfit I settled on. I'm really over the cold weather and while I had to wear tights, I wanted to dress in something really springy. We ended up going out to a fancy burger joint...there really isn't a better way to end the day than with a yummy cheeseburger and some sweet potato fries. Such a good unexpected date night.
Muah! Hope you all have a happy weekend!!
xoxo erica


DIY // Rainbow Cake

 This is really quite simple to do...just start with a nicely frosted cake and place the candy buttons across the cake from pink to blue...something fast and easy that turns out looking amazing. Oh and if you want to be extra cute about it, try using the candy buttons to write out a fun word. Love and XOXO are my picks for the upcoming holidays.
xoxo erica
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