The Perfect Match

Tank: ?, Skirt: F21, Heels: Image
 I felt like matching the temperature outside and pulled out my neon tank from the back of my closet. Now we're both hot. Chris and I stumbled upon these flowers and thought they were the prettiest plus they matched my lipstick to a t. It was a matchy matchy kind of day. 
xoxo erica


DIY//4th of July Bikini Top

 Last year I made tie dye shorts for the 4th of July and they were a big hit with everyone. One of the things I love about tie dye is that there all kinds of designs you can make depending on how you tie up the fabric. This year I thought it would be fun to try a bikini top using more of a starburst and stripes kind of design to show off some patriotic love.
 Supplies: Bikini Top, Spray Dyes, Rubber bands
1. Tie up bikini top with rubber bands
2. Get bikini top damp and then spray on your dye (make sure to place old newspaper under top while spraying it with dye). 
3. Cut off rubber bands
4. Hang dry bikini and then throw in the dryer for 20 minutes.
Ready to Wear
xoxo erica


I Wear Short Shorts

Tank: Thrifted, Shorts: F21, Heels: Kimchi Blue, Clutch: Gifted
 Summer is in full swing here and let me tell you it's hot hot hot. So what's a girl to do? Um, yeah pull out the short shorts lol. This is another movie date outfit from this past weekend and I just wanted to be fun and colorful. Cue the sparkly clutch and punchy pink shorts. We saw World War Z. I know you're probably wondering...did I fall asleep again?? That wouldn't even be possible...this movie was seriously amazing. Just a little secret but it may be my favorite movie this year. 
xoxo erica


Day to Night//Wrap Skirt

1. An oversized tank feels casual...loving the statement written across this one that gives a carefree attitude.
2. Reflective shades...the golden tint has a summer day kind of glow.
3. Brown ankle boots...I've been obsessed with these for awhile...the scuffed brown is perfection.

1. Stripes are my favorite and a cut-out above the bust doesn't hurt either to add a bit of sex appeal for a night out.
2. Make an over the top statement with a punchy bag full of color.
3. These heels are sleek with thin straps...your legs will look amazing in them.

Which look would you wear? Day? Night? or Both?

xoxo erica

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Baby Shower Brunch

It seems that every weekend there is a celebration going on in my family. Last weekend we threw my sister a baby shower brunch. I have five nieces but for the first time I'll be having a nephew!! She is due sometime in early August and we couldn't be any more excited. I've been wanting to incorporate a bit more lifestyle posts into my blog. I figured this would be a good start.
xoxo erica


The Sheer Details

Blouse: Gifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Necklace: F21, Heels: L.A.M.B.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was spent celebrating two birthdays and father's day...lots and lots of good food and cake! This was an outfit from over the weekend I wore to a pizza and movie date. Me and Chris went to go watch  Man of Steel, or should I say Chris saw it?? We went to a late showing and I fell asleep!! Total fail. I can say that the parts of the movie I did see, I liked.  I've worn this blouse a few times but always with a camisole underneath. I decided this time to try it with showing off the sheer details and paired it with a skirt that has a shimmer to it...you know, just to feel more in my natural element.
xoxo erica


Nailed It//01

NYC: Black Lace, Essie: Set in Stones
 When I was younger, I used to do all kinds of crazy designs on my nails. As I've got older, I've kept my nails painted with classic colors like reds and pinks but with all the nail inspiration I see on the internet, I thought it would be fun to give a little nail design a try.
 1. Paint nails with base coat.
 2. Section off your accent nail with thin strips of tape.
 3. Use a pin to grab pieces of glitter from polish and apply to nail.
4. Once you take the tape off, touch up any spaces you want more glitter.
5. Top off with a clear coat of polish and your all done.
xoxo erica


Girl From the Rock Show

Tee: F21, Skirt: Nastygal, Heels: Image
Over the weekend, Chris and I went to go see Fall Out Boy. When Fall Out Boy first took a break was right around the time we really started listening to their music. We had always talked about how if they ever came back we wanted to see them...lucky for us they did. Their music is just fun and upbeat and I was really happy we had the chance to go to the show. I hadn't worn a skirt to a concert in so long and once I received this one, I couldn't wait to wear it. Needless to say, I'm in love. Nothing better that taking a simple black skirt and making it a statement piece. This was one of those, I had to have it kind of things.
xoxo erica
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