Love at First Stripe

 Dress: Marshalls, Wedges: Thrited Aldo, Heart Sunnies: Hot Topic
Have you ever had an item in your closet that you absolutely feel amazing in? Well for me, it's this dress. It was instantly love at first sight when I saw it on the rack...I'm one of those girls who's all about stripes. I love polka dots and floral prints but stripes are my ultimate favorite pattern. I hadn't walked into the store with the intention of buying anything other than a lightweight jacket but once I tried it on, I couldn't help but love the way it fit my body. This kind of thing just doesn't happen all the time. I decided that I needed it and made up the perfect excuse of why I needed to buy it...my dad's birthday party. We celebrated over the weekend but today is actually his big 60, so Happy Birthday Dad!! 
Do you ever make up excuses of why you should buy something?
Hope you all have a great start to the week. 
I'm starting the bikini series over at Tone it Up. If you're looking to get in shape for summer, I definitely think you should check it out...I'm loving it so far.
xoxo erica


Day to Night//Stripe Tee

It's been awhile since I've done a day to night post but when I noticed I was wearing one of my favorite tees all the time I decided it would be fun to make a set with a stripe tee. Stripes are my absolute favorite and I think almost everyone has one in their closet, they are just so versatile. 
For a daytime look, I like to keep my stripes casual with some denim shorts and flats. Denim, black, and olive has quickly become one of my favorite color combinations...I love this studded vest with a stripe tee.
A skirt is always key to dressing up a simple tee especially when paired with statement pieces. I think this look is fun with neutrals and pops of color...I'm pretty much in love with this neon bag. For a night time look I also go with shoes that are going to give me extra height and elongate my legs...loving the gold detail on these wedges.

Do you have a stripe tee in your closet? Which look would you wear? Day or Night...maybe both?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 
xoxo erica
outfit details here


DIY//Crop Tie Tee

 I had this old tee in my closet that had a hole in it. If you know me, I'm all about upcycling something that is old to give it new life to my wardrobe. I always find myself tying my button ups and with summer right around the corner, I thought this would be a cute way to still wear this tee as it starts to warm up. Oh and I can see it as cool cover up at the beach with a bikini bottom. Do you have any old tees in your closet that maybe you've been thinking of tossing? Well don't, try this out first!
 Supplies: Tee & Scissors
1. Cut up at an angle to the point where you want the hem of your crop tee to hit. Cut all the way across on the back of the shirt.
2. Cut a slit straight down the middle
Ready to wear
xoxo erica


Showing Off My Love

 Tee: Concert, Shorts: F21, Jacket: Marshalls, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Ring: F21
I'll just start off by saying that I had an amazing weekend. I managed to actually catch up on some sleep Friday and felt ready to live it up Saturday at the concert. Of course Papa Roach was unbelievable as always and Shinedown brought the place down. Chris ended up buying me three concert tees, this one that I am wearing being one of them. So true...I love PR!! They came on around 4:30 and I felt like I nearly lost my voice trying to keep up with Jacoby lol. Hope you all have a great start to the week!!
xoxo erica


I've got Rockstars and Guitars on My Mind

Cardigan: Thrifted, Blouse: Target, Jeans: JCrew, Heels: L.A.M.B., Clutch: Gifted, Necklace: F21
I can't believe it's already Friday...where did the week go? Yesterday, I woke up thinking it was Wednesday and honestly it felt nice when I finally realized that it was really one day closer to the weekend...which makes me really excited and let me tell you why. I know I've mentioned it a few times and if you've been reading the blog for awhile then you probably know that Papa Roach is one of my favorite bands. I'm sooooo over the moon happy that we are seeing them this weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to do the whole meet and greet thing at the concert.  Anyway I just wanted to share this outfit with you all. Every Friday at work, we are allowed to wear jeans and while I used to be that girl that stuck to my pencil skirts; lately I've been enjoying dressing up in denim.

enjoy the weekend dolls
 xoxo erica


DIY//Metallic Leather Heart Earrings

Since cutting up the leather skirt I found at the thrift, my mind has been getting all crafty on me thinking of what I could use the fabric for. I have a few things in the works but I wanted to share this one first.  Over the weekend, I made these little heart earrings...cute, fast, and easy. Not really a heart kind of girl? Make these in any shape you want...triangle ones are next on my list.
 Leather, earring posts, polish, pencil, scissors, pin, glue gun, & something to use as a stencil
 1. Paint leather with polish and let dry, apply second coat
2. Trace 2 hearts to back of leather (I used a locket as a stencil)
3. Cut out your hearts
4. Stick pin into the eraser of your pencil, dip the ball end into polish, and polka dot the edge 
(you can skip this step if you want metallic only)
5. Glue heart to earring post
 Ready to Wear
xoxo erica


Hey There Buttercup

 Button Up: Express, Skirt: F21, Necklace: I made it, Wedges: Thrifted
The buttercups have been in full bloom out here and completely inspired me to throw on this floral necklace I made a few years ago. I ended up cleaning out my closet last week and found it buried under a bunch of necklaces I never wear. I realized that I had quite a collection of accessories but the sad thing is I hardly ever wear them. Hopefully I'll be better and start accessorizing more. Oh and I finally pulled out my maxi skirt again (another long lost piece in my closet). The weather has been cold in the morning, hot during the day, and cool at night and this skirt was just the thing to slip into to be comfortable all day.
 xoxo erica


DIY//Floral Belt

Whenever spring comes around I feel like I want to incorporate florals all the time into my wardrobe. I thought this belt would be cute for wearing around during the warmer weather. Maybe even on a floral dress. 
Floral on floral...that would be fun.
 Supplies: Belt, Leather Flower Pieces, Scissors Glue Gun, Thread & Needle
(To make my floral pieces, I used leather from an old skirt I bought at the thrift store. I painted a small piece of the leather white, used a flower stencil and traced 5 pieces)
1. Thread a small cross in the center of your floral piece
2. Continue to thread through until you have a full center
3. Try on the belt and measure where you want the placement of the flowers to be, I stuck pins in the belt so that I would know the range of where I wanted mine to be.
4. Glue your floral pieces starting from the center out
5. Ready to Wear
xoxo erica
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