Rule Breaker

Tee: Target, Shorts: Plato's Closet, Wedges: Shoedazzle 

When I found these shorts I knew I had to buy them for our mini vacation. Stripes have a way of making me happy and when put on short shorts they feel perfect for time by the beach. I suck at packing ahead of time and packed for our trip an hour before I headed out the door. I ended up only bringing one pair of sandals that I didn't feel like wearing that day and ended up going with my more casual dressy shoes to wear out for lunch on the pier. Maybe I'm breaking all kinds of rules with mixing leopard and stripes, but hey I was on vacation, so I can do what I want!
 xoxo erica


  1. I think stripes and leopard is a great combination! Love the look, jealous of the vacation! :)

  2. Personally I think that you rock the shorts and look incredible as usual Erica, seems like your time away has been going good!

  3. These striped shorts are adorable! So glad you got them :)
    Also, that last photo of you? Gorgeous <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. Those striped shorts are so cute! So in love with your shoes! I'm obsessed with ShoeDazzle! They have the best shoes!

  5. who cares if you are breaking rules? you are on vacation! :) I love the photo of you sitting on the railing, it's lovely.

  6. Stripes make me happy, too! Great fashion minds think alike. :)


  7. It still looks gorgeous!
    I think actually stripes and leopard prints match quite well but I've never liked leopard prints so no option for me :D

    xx Jenni

  8. Those shorts are adorable! they look perfect for a celebratory vacation! Hope that you both are having a blast! Congrats on 10 years - that is so exciting!


  9. I don't think you should follow rules in fashion, that spoils all the fun! You look great:)


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