Velvet and Lace

 The other day, I pulled out this skirt to do some Christmas shopping. The velvet has always made me think of winter and although it's not cold out yet, it was perfect for grabbing some hot chocolate and really making a dent in my holiday shopping list. Me and chris found some great deals and nearly knocked out all the gifts for my side of the family! Saying I'm excited about that is an understatement because I have a large family and this weekend we are just picking up stocking stuffers and a few small gifts. Have you already finished your holiday shopping? 
Oh and I've been having some major problems with the wifi out here...hence the lack of posting. I'm thinking my Saturday mornings and Starbucks are going to be best friends so I can get things done for the blog. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
xoxo erica


  1. ohhh yes, it is a very christmasy skirt, and I'm digging the cute layer of lace at the bottom. :) Hey, I don't know if you have instagram, but my brand @phosizzlethreads is having a worldwide giveaway to win one of the dresses I designed. If you're on instagram, maybe you'd like to enter ? :D I reckon it would look rather gorgeous on you.

  2. So pretty! I'm done with MY shopping, but the husband still needs to do his :)

  3. You look gorgeous, love the skirt :)) xx


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