While in Old Town Alexandria

It's been a while since I've been able to update but I'm finally back on.  I wanted to continue with some of my D.C. travels.  Last year we went by King Street but all the shops were already closed so this year we made the time to stop by some of the shops.  Although going down King Street at night is fun because of all the lit up trees, energy of people everywhere, and the haunted tours (we did that this year...so much fun!!), spending the day shopping about was a blast.

I want an inspiration board this big. 

After the shopping we went by Starbucks and since I hardly drink coffee, I got a hot chocolate to keep me warm from the chilly weather.  If you ask for an extra pump of vanilla, the hot chocolate tastes so much better (just a tip I learned while working at a Starbucks). 

We went to go visit the Carlyle House where they have a pretty garden in the back.  We stopped by here on the haunted tour and learned that it's actually one of the oldest places in Old Town Alexandria. that's not haunted.  It's said that the Carlyle's buried a dead cat in their home to keep it from being haunted...I can't remember from which country that belief comes from...


  1. oh, how fun! I love walking in Old Town and peeking inside numerous antique shops...the walk is even more fun with a cup of warm starbucks:)

  2. Beautiful photos and what a great tip about the extra vanilla!


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