Pink Sunsets

Yesterday me and the boyfriend went for a run through the fields behind his house.  I know running outdoors is suppose to feel better than just running on a treadmill but I think I just hate running.  Don't get me wrong it was really beautiful outside...when we got back to his house after our 2 mile run I couldn't resist getting my camera to snap a few shots. :) 


  1. These are really lovely shots! Lookie at that gorgeous sky! and the cows, the cows!!! :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I love sunsets! The sky looks so beautiful :)

  3. Great pics of a wonderful sunset!!1


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  5. beautiful sunset!! wow 2 miles...i don't think I've ran a mile since HS gym glass HAHAAHA

  6. haha I did cross country when I was in high school and can honestly say it does not feel better.. It is a lot harder but I will say running outside with a nice scenery is a lot better even if it is harder..

    All the best, Angel


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