Places I've Been, People I've Seen-2

This is a pic from that night, Brody is on the right.  This pic doesn't really do him justice, he's a lot more good looking in person.  

Okay so this is an old story but I still wanted to share.  When my sister got married about 3 years ago we went to Vegas for the bachelor/bachelorette parties.  At the time I used to be all into the Hills and was really excited when I heard Brody Jenner was going to be hosting at Pure the night we planned on going.  Before Vegas I didn't think Brody was hot...I used to see him on a few episodes of the Hills but never thought too much about him.  Anyway that night my sister and cousin had forgotten something in the hotel room so our party was already waiting for them against a wall in the club. I decided to take a look out at the lines of people waiting to get in to see where my sis was in line.  As I started to walk back up to my group, I felt someone rubbing on my shoulder. I looked up to see this guy walking next to me as we were touching shoulders.  All I could think was "Damn, this guy is hot". I then noticed I was walking with a group of people as they were following a bouncer from the club and I started to think, wow this guy looks familiar.  Then a light bulb went off in my head as I stopped for a second to see Brody pass me by.  Why the hell didn't I say anything or just walk with them to the VIP section??  Oh well stupid me...the night still turned out to be fun as we partied until the early hours of morning...didn't go to bed until 6 that morning.

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Do you have any stories of meeting anyone famous???...please do tell.
Email me your story and a pic if you have one...I'll be sure to feature it in an upcoming post.


  1. looks like so much fun!

    stop by sometime<3

  2. Haha Vegas is amazing... CRazy and fun city is all I will say... I saw Paris Hilton one time shopping at the Chanel Boutique... I am not a fan of hers but thought it was cool.. God knows what she bought...

    All the best, Angel

  3. I love Vegas! People go crazy all the time ;)

    Definitely, Maybe

  4. it looks like a super great night!!!
    can't wait for next post

    Syriously in Fashion

  5. He? No! She is so hot!!! Erica, you look fantastic! Hmm...Hope it could be a great compliment to you, but I think you remember me Monica Bellucci!

  6. looks like you had a great time :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  7. Nice pics!!!
    I'll wait for you to come back visit me!


  8. That sounds like a fun night! I always think of doing gutsy things like just walking into the VIP section after the fact, when it's way too late. Isn't that how it always goes?

  9. you look great hun! and looks like you had a great time as well!

  10. the hills was amazing! this post makes me very happy!



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