Say Hello to the January Sponsors

Hey Everyone, I just wanted you to meet all of these amazing ladies. 
I'm so excited for you all to stop by their blogs because you are going to love them.

Hi, I'm Ly (/li/) and I write a little blog called Eternal Optimist. My blog contains my everyday rambles about fashion, beauty, and life in general. I'm a twentysomething recent grad on an endless quest for real person job and to lose the freshman 15. I'm a stronger believer that life is always little more fabulous with a pair of heels and bold red lips.

I'm Andrea.
I am a newlywed artist married to a mustachioed film maker. I love creating art, laughing at my hilarious husband (and myself. a lot), vacuuming in high heels, a good Harry Potter reference, anything that has to do with puppies, eating, learning new things, and writing about all of it on my blog. Follow along and don't forget to check out my new shop!

I'm a 20-something simple girl in this big, crazy, mess of a world. I live every day as a new adventure. I'm not a cook, a DIY enthusiast, or anything special... but you will always find something new, unfashionable, quirky, and simply "me" over at Simply Aunie.

I'm a 23 year old kitty-loving-chai-drinking-book-reading girly living in Washington, DC who has a passion for photography and an obsession with pretty dresses. I love learning new things and exploring new places. I'm always up for an adventure! I moved to the East coast a few months ago from Wisconsin, and so far, I'm in love! 
It would be wonderful if you stopped by my blog. :)
Hello there, my name is Leney and I blog over at A Girl Named Leney! 

I've only been blogging for a little over a year now but I've loved becoming part of the blogging community and making new friends. I blog about a variety of things including the fashion website I take pictures for, my own photography business and Etsy shop, outfit posts, my travels, thrifty purchases, random lists and various other interests.
Feel free to stop by and say hi! Like I said, I love making new blogging friends.


"Hi, Savannah here!  I blog over at Rolled Up Pretty.  I love writing and taking pictures.  In my blog I throw both of these loves in :)  It's random but it's fun!  Come say hi, I'd love that!"



  1. This is great! I love Ly! She is fabulous. :)

  2. Thank you Erica for the support and feature :)


  3. Hey there sponsors! :) Thanks for following me on Twitter too Erica, I really appreciate that. I'll follow you back when I can!

  4. All of them seem to be really interesting people, I'll definitely visit their blogs when I have some more time :)

    By the way, what fonts did you use while editing those pictures?


  5. Ohh so cute!! You're the best! :)

    I also wanted to pop in and let my sponsors know about the current giveaway I'm hosting on my blog right now! Check it out! :)


    Hope everything is lovely!


  6. Excited to read more of these... thank you for sharing!! I love me a good blog :)

    xo everything-pretty.com

  7. Lovely outfits, my dear! =)


  8. Aww, checked all of these blogs out! The girls are so gorgeous!

  9. Great blogs, enjoy them!! Have a great weekend xx


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