Sponsor Question of the Month: May

Every month I like to ask the sponsors a fun question so all of you can get to know them a bit better. This month I asked, Who is your dream celebrity best friend?
Here's what some of them had to say...

Can it be a TV character too? Then I think I'd go with Angela from Bones, so I could share her amaaaazing wardrobe!  I'd love her as a friend because she's so sweet and helpfull, and always finds the right words.

My dream celebrity best friend would be Emma Stone. She seems so down to earth and nice, not to mention absolutely hilarious! Emma, I'm totally available if you want to grab some fro-yo and laugh til it hurts! ;)

My dream celebrity best friend is.... Johnny Depp! I admire him not only as an actor but also as a person. If I could be friends with any celebrity or just meet them, it would be him..... Plus I think he's pretty cute ;) 

Last time, some of you were wondering my answer to the question so I decided I would answer it this time...

When I was younger my dream celebrity best friend or should I say friends were always Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. What girl didn't love those two growing up? These days if I had to pick one celebrity to be my best friend I would go with Lauren Conrad. The girl has got some serious style, seems so sweet, and I pretty much love everything she does.

So now I want to know from you. 
Who is your dream celebrity best friend?

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xoxo erica

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  1. I love your monthly questions, you always make them so interesting! If I was to choose TV characters, then I would love to have a group of friends just like the ones in How I met your mother. If it was about celebrities, I would probably go for Demi Lovato, Kardashian & Jenner sisters and many more... it's impossible for me to choose just one person!


  2. I love Sam's answer, I reckon Depp would be cool to have a friend as well personally. Great idea to ask your sponsors this question as well Erica, it's definitely an interesting one!

  3. oh thanks so much for your sweet comment, you are so sweet :)

  4. Oooh, what a fun question. Good choice with Lauren Conrad, and aw, I would've picked Emma Stone too!
    Haha, well...since those two are taken, I'd probably pick Demi Lovato. I just think she's amazing and has great style. Her or Vanessa Hudgens! I pretty much want to raid her closet haha

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  5. Johnny Depp definitely seems like he could be a good friend!!!!!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  6. Love these kinda posts that you do :) Great answers from great bloggers! I'd like my dream celebrity friend to be someone fun like the popular choice of Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson or Zoey Deschanel

  7. this is such a hard pick but i'd have to go with kate moss because i love her

  8. Such a cute question! Love Emma Stone - she would be a hilarious BFF :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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