Birds of a Different Color

Dress: Gift, Belt: Target, Leggings: ? Boots: Charlotte Russe 

I have to say that there hasn't been anything real eventful going on lately. It seems that all of my free time has been spent either relaxing or working out. Even though it's still early in the new year, I'm really proud of myself for staying disciplined with heading to the gym straight after work...I even went on the weekend. That was a first. The past few days have been rather gloomy with rain hitting off and on, which makes it really hard to get outfit posts. Maybe this weekend...I have a few things that were gifts that I can't wait to share here. Rain, rain, I need you to go away.

xoxo erica


  1. Love that top doll, it's gorgeous. I think green & blue are stunning together :) Rain indeed go away...can't wait for Spring :))) Have a great day doll xx

  2. Keep it up with your hard work! Way to stick with it.
    Love this fun printed top :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. I love the top and can't believe how well the colours compliment each other, for some reason they suit you perfectly as well and this makes for a really good post and some amazing photos!

  4. I am SO over the rain as well. Won't the sun please come out soon?

  5. That's a pair of gorgeous boots! At least you're still taking pictures and doing post at your blog. That's counted as doing something right? =)


  6. That's a pretty tunic! Good for you for hitting the gym! I sometimes dread going, but I always feel so much better when I do go :)

  7. Cute dress! I really like the colors! Go you for exercising right after work and sticking with it! I've started exericising again and eating healthy. Hopefully this will be a permanant change!

  8. Buen blog,me encanta!
    Te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  9. I love this top, it is really sweet. What a great location for blog photos too.

  10. I've actually been good about working out too. Proud of myself... and you!

  11. Nice nice nice! Your background and everything is so nice lol (random right?). Love those high boots with that dress. And your hair is beautiful!

  12. Love the print on the dress, great style, pretty lady! :)

    <3 Megan


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