DIY // Mini Journal

 With the new year finally here, I decided that what I needed was a small journal to carry around in my purse for when blog ideas come to mind. I like the idea of being able to physically write something down rather than just keeping it stored away on my phone. Plus it's a lot cuter than a boring notepad app.
1. Gather an assortment of scrapbook pages. I decided to cut 8.5x11 sheets in half to make a mini journal.
2. Arrange your sheets in the order you want for your journal and make a crease down the middle.
3. Hole punch your sheets at the top, middle, and bottom. You may have to do a few sheets at a time.
4. Place all your pages back together and tie with pieces of twine.
5. Decorate the cover, I used a simple pattern drawn with a black sharpie and some washi tape.
So cute and all done! 
xoxo erica


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