The Best of Both

Last night me and the boyfriend went to go watch Black Swan...I loved it, the movie was completely twisted and Natalie Portman really put on a performance. In the movie, Natalie Portman's character struggles to be both the white swan and the black swan for her starring role in a ballet. The white swan is the pure, beautiful, delicate one while the black swan is the seductive, on fire, evil one. It made me think...was I more of the white swan or the black swan...maybe a little of both? Which swan are you?

The White Swan

The Black Swan

the white swan: photo 1: I've got a lust for life photo 2 -3: Kelli Murray, photo 4: weheartit photo 5: Elle.

the black swan: photo 1: Jestem Kasia, photo 2 -4: weheartit


  1. what a cool post! Love how creative you got, it was a great movie!

  2. Nice post. I watched Black Swan last week and thought it was amazing. Natalie Portman never disappoints me in her acting. I think i'm a mix of black and white swan though haha.

  3. I like the pictures you chose for both the white and black swan. I haven't seen the movie but it looks intense.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal


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