Ready to Relax

T-shirt: Target, Pants: Miley Cyrus/Maz Azria, Boots: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Jessica Simpson, Ring: Sea of Blooming Dreams

It finally started to get cooler outside...I can't wait for the temperature to really drop. This warm weather is about the only thing that doesn't feel like Christmas. Anyway I'm so happy that all my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I think this is the first year I'm not going to be up at late hours still wrapping gifts so I'm pretty proud of myself. Well I can finally enjoy myself, I'll be spending my time with my family. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Very cute bag. I can't imagine having christmas without snow!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. Your boots rock! Congrats on the new blog!!


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