Wild at Heart

I've always thought that red was the sexiest mixed with leopard but I'm changing my mind.  I'm loving the mix of the soft pink with a racy print like leopard.  It's almost like a naughty meets nice...don't you think?  This just may be my inspiration for a fun Valentine's Day look.  I've got a month till then so I'm thinking I can definitely make it happen.

I got my sights set on you
And I'm ready to aim
I have a heart that will
Never be tamed

I knew you were something special
When you spoke my name
Now I can't wait to see you again

I've got a way of knowing
When something is right
I feel like I must have known you
In another life
'cause I felt this deep connection
When you looked in my eyes

Now I can't wait to see you again

See You Again-Miley Cyrus

image via: weheartit


  1. super super cute, i love leopard with pink.

  2. Love the outfit!

    I think that's one of the only Miley Cyrus songs I like. lol.

    Thanks for the blog comment, be sure to enter my first giveaway! :o)




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