So today has been one of those days that just drags by.  Maybe it's my lack of sleep but all day I kept thinking it was Thursday which made me really happy for a few reasons.  
1. Tomorrow would be Friday 
2. Tomorrow would be $pay day$ 
3. I would be done with school for the week
 4. I could finally relax
...but then it hits me after awhile and I realize it's only Tuesday which then makes me kind of sad :( ...see my sad eyes?? I'm really sad.  Update I just tried to take a sip of my green tea and it seems I just finished my bottle...make that #5.  Ok on to happier things...This is what has been making me happy lately.

My new necklace next to the lovely Marilyn...I can't stop wearing it.

This cute tote bag from this etsy shop
so happy fancy rabbit is mine <3

calming morning like these

circus themed tea parties
check out more pics here

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