It's True

I've been to a few different states...Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, California, and have driven through countless many.  Driving from Texas to Florida in non-stop rain was probably the worst...I definitely don't want to do that again.  California comes in on top then Virginia (Washington D.C.) at a close second. Sorry Texas :(  don't get me wrong I like you but it's mainly because my family lives here. Sometimes I think I would love to leave Texas but I don't think I could ever be states away from my entire family.  If you could move to a different state would you?  

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  1. i have been to (are you ready?!) california, utah, nevada, colorado, idaho, wyoming, georgia, texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, new york, arizona, annnnnd new jersey. i would love to see all 50 states.

    if i could move anywhere, right now it'd be london. *sigh* london. :)


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