Life Lately

1. Scar on the rooftop top of the world...ok maybe my car.
2. Lunch with my mom and sisters...breakfast didn't work out but I'll take a panini and soup.
3. My secret pal at work left these on my desk...now that's the way to start a work day.
4. Staying warm in my Rise Against jacket...love this band so much. 
5. Took a few photos like this of my brother over the weekend.
6. Having margarita's for a change...we usually have beer.
7. Not your ordinary flower...Chris made this for me out of tootsie rolls.
8. Trying to get lucky but not really getting lucky at bingo.
9. I've been wearing red lipstick almost everyday lately...feeling a little like Gwen.
10. Organized my closet and realized I've got a rainbow in there.

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xoxo erica

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  1. I love your closet! and Red lipstick is the best :)

    Im now following on bloglovin'


  2. What a great picture of your cat! That's awesome. I could definitely see that on one of those empowerment/motivation posters with some quote on it. LOL!

    I like that you organize your closet by colors. I do the same :)

    xoxo Azu


  3. Life lately seems pretty good Erica, your lunch seems delicious, I love the tootsie roll arrangement and your photoshoot of your brother looks pretty awesome. It's a shame that you didn't win at Bingo but we can't get everything in life I suppose.

  4. i love insta posts :)
    lovely pics :)

  5. Ooh, did you play bingo in the heights? I hear it's super fun

  6. love all of these. such a nice little peek into your world :)

  7. Love those nail polish colors and your bold lipstick!

  8. Great insight into your life...loving the nail shades. How cute is that flower? Wow! you rock the red lipstick, looks amazing on you...what shade is it?

  9. How lovely! My hubby and I love bingo! Haha, if it weren't for all the greasy food we eat there, we'd go every week! :)

  10. The first picture is greatly captured and those nail polishes are the perfect colors for fall.
    May you have a nice week:)


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