Life Lately

1. This was the costume I wore to work. Making this costume was really easy and was able to whip it out in one day. So sad though that I didn't win the cute contest.
2. Picking up pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.
3. Having a little bit of photo fun with some plates I picked up for my cake and craft party.
4. Trying to get Scar to take selfies with me...usually always a fail.
4. I've been wanting to start painting again and finally bought some supplies.
 6. Keeping things bright and happy with some sunflowers.
7. I got to see Papa Roach, one of my favorites for the 5th time.
8. Selecting new nail colors is always such a hard decision...I want them all!
9. Wearing an old favorite dress after work.
10. Our couple costume for Halloween. Chris had came up with the idea of being Ash from Pokemon and thought I would be Misty but Pikachu is so much cuter, so I went with that. Plus then I could say pika pika all night. I loved the way our costumes turned out. 

xoxo erica


  1. Ahhh...you both looked so adorable, I love it!! Well done. Happy Monday doll xx

  2. Aw Love both of your costumes! I think Pikachu over Misty was a great idea. :D
    Juli Xx

  3. Amazing pictures! Adorable cat! =D
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  4. Adorable! You life looks so quirky and fun. :D



  5. Both of your costumes are so cute! I love the Pokemon one! Great couple costume!


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