Meet the November Sponsors

Hey everyone I wanted to introduce you to all my lovely sponsors for November. If you do anything this weekend make sure to check out their blogs and show them some love. Hope you all enjoy your weekend :)

Say hello to...

                         Hi All, I'm Amor, Moh, Moo or Moar for short. I am a graphic design student that enjoys her stripes and illustrations. If I'm not blogging I'm usually browsing ebay, fattening my guinea pigs, hustling the boyfriend, working on projects or watching The X Files. Mine is still a brand new blog working it's way to awesomedom! I'm hoping to get my creativity on and get some illustrations, design and craft out for business and I hope you can join me on my slowly evolving journey.

Hello! I'm Sarah, a web designer and aerialist from metro Detroit. I spend my days glued to my computer, creating and coding websites for bloggers and small businesses, and my nights swinging from my trapeze and aerial silks with The Weird Sisters Circus. SillyGrrl.com is where I write about all my adventures. If your blog or website needs a makeover I'd love to work with you, so shoot me an email for custom work or check out my shop for premade templates!

I am a wife, and I am a mother (to my dog, of course). I enjoy fellowshipping with God, and trying new treats to bake. I took a photography class and dreamed of one day owning my own in-home black room, right up until I discovered digital photography that is. My blog was designed to give me a space to talk about all of these things, and more. Visit me at Eight!

Hey guys! We are Lauren and Madison, also known as Awkward Girls. We are best friends in college who just so happen to enjoy fashion and personal style. On our blog, you'll find glimpses of what we wear, what we eat, what we do, and really just anything that makes us giggle. So stop by and check it out!

My name is Brittany [aka Bruski] and I blog over at Daily Bruski--a lovely little place of random ramblings and accounts of my daily happenings. Other than writing about myself, I mention my super cool husband [who joins in on outfit pictures], my awesome dog, Max, and other cool things. On Mondays I like to get readers involved in 'Monday Mentions' [I'd love to feature you!]. I sure hope you mosey on over and say hello sometime.

Hi friends! My name is Tara and I'm the lady behind Deer in a Bottle which documents my travels, daily adventures in art making and overall exploration of design and beautiful things. I also run a small jewelry shop selling handmade gemstone/crystal necklaces and also vintage inspired jewelry.

My name is Melisa and I love love to blog about sweet things, inspiration, fashion, photos, crafting, my Mr, daily adventures, & other lovely things! I'm a girlfriend, crafter, student, and adventurer. Lets be Pals!

Also the giveaway winner is...

BlueVanilla said...

My favorite fall fashion has got to be the return of boots every year! Also layers! I heart layering!

Congrats girl!  Please email me your info :)


  1. Hey sponsors! I'm going to have to check these guys out, they seem to have a lot to offer.

  2. great post ! It's nice to read something about them !

    have you seen my latest post?

  3. I'm so happy to be a part of this! I'm looking forward to checking out the other sponsors :)

    Brittany 'Daily Bruski'

  4. Oh wow that is a bad photo of me haha. Aaah, I got my DSLR too late. Oh well :D

  5. Also, I didn't realise I had so many spacing mistakes in my intro post. Was that because I typed it up on Etsy?

  6. Look like very interesting blogs,of course I´ll check them.Can I ask how come that they are your sponsors??Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com


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