Pretty Things: That Make Me Want to Decorate

I wanted to start off Monday with pretty things to look at. These are currently making me want to decorate. 

1. A wall of photos. I'm loving the black & white theme going on here.
2. I love the elegance of this look.
3. Fun wall art. Ice cream happens to be a favorite of mine.
4. This is how I dream of my office space looking like.
5. I want a sewing room desperately. I can imagine one just like this.
6. I love this room. Lately I've been having a thing for all white walls.
7. Cocoa & Hearts art. I would love to have a painting from Jen of Made by Girl.
8.  Dishes in pretty pastels <3

images via weheartit


  1. Erica, I am LOVING that cupboard girl. Tea cups and small plates get me every time. Beautiful post! :D

  2. Lovely! I have an obsession with notice boards

  3. I love photo walls, they are totally artsy, but not overbearing.

  4. Lovely and adorable photos! Make me wanna decorate too!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  5. Beautiful photos. They even make me want to decorate a bit and I'm not usually keen on that kind of thing! Great post as always.

  6. That mirror is so lovely, now I want one. ^^ I love white furniture, I think it makes spaces more bright and elegants. xTati

  7. oohh lovely photos!!
    kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

  8. Ahh all these things have got me aching to jump in and decorate my room! I've just moved and my bedroom as a dreaded dark red wall... very depressing, I'd love to have cool pretty colours like here :)


  9. Very inspiring post :)


  10. Such inspiring photos for me to decorate my room aswell! SIGH if only i just had the money for a entire makeover. Would repaint and refurnish and strip my carpet in my walls for floorboards :)


  11. I've been wanting to make a photo wall. :)


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