Love is in the Air

The week before last Chris and I finally got our date finalized with the church. We will be getting married on our 11 year anniversary which is March 29th next year!! I wanted to get save the date cards to send to our guests and had a pretty simple idea in my head. A field, heart balloons, and me and Chris. We actually used the self timer on my camera and the pictures came out just the way we wanted. It's always exciting when those kinds of things happen.
I'll be getting the cards made this week and show you all the finished product once I get them.
Here's just a teaser :)
xoxo erica
Oh and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Mom!!


  1. Beautiful photo shoot and love your pretty dress!

  2. These are beautiful, love the idea :))) can't wait to see the finished one :)) Gorgeous, am really happy for you :)) Have a wonderful Monday xx

  3. Love this idea! Giant red heart balloons are a cute idea! Can't wait to see your cards!

  4. woaaah 11 years- congrats to you two! and this idea sounds so adorable, i can't wait to see how it turned out!

    xo marlen
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  5. simple, effective and totally beautiful! congrats on setting the date.

  6. Love the red heart balloon! This shoot is soooo romantic!

    Xo, Hannah


  7. happy belated birthday to your mum and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TWO!!!!! the pictures look so gorgeous and it's so amazing to see that you've been together for so long!

    xx Jenni


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