A Month of Florals // Tissue Paper Floral Garland

For my wedding, I made a whole wall of tissue paper flowers to use as a backdrop. It was so pretty and the tissue flowers are super easy to make. You can really knock these babies out while catching up on your favorite tv show...for me that's Pretty Little Liars! When I made the tissue flowers for my wedding we only stayed with the color scheme...pink and mint! I thought a smaller and more colorful version of what we did would be really pretty for a garland to hang up on the wall. I was so right!!!!
 To start off, you will need to cut a square piece of tissue paper. I just layered mine on top of each other and cut out 1/6 of a whole sheet. Then from that I folded it in half to cut it again. It really just depends on how big you want your flowers to be, so you can play around with the size.
1. Once you have your pieces, take 4 of them and lay them on top of each other. The inside color of your flower will be on the top and the outside on the bottom. 
2. Pleat the tissue like an accordion.
3. Take a piece of tape and cut in half lengthwise so it won't be too thick. 
Use that piece to wrap around the center of the piece of tissue.
You can either leave as is; and it will look like the purple flower in the photo below, or cut to create different looks to your flower like the blue and pink flowers.
To actually make the flower, all you have to do is pull up each layer of tissue paper from the center.
 Take some green tissue and cut into the shape of leaves. I pinched mine at the ends to add some dimension. Tape the one or two of the leaves to the back of the flowers.
 Using a glue gun add some hot glue to the back of your tissue flowers and attach your string to it. I used a strand of sequins for some extra sparkle but any kind of string will work. Twine, yarn, or ribbon are all good options for this project.
Hang up and add some pretty and color to your walls!!
If you make this show me on instagram #sobdamonthofflorals

xoxo erica


  1. What a pretty DIY! My roommate and I want to make one for our place now haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. That makes me happy to hear!!!

      Xo Erica

  2. Precious, I love it a lot :)) I can make some of these for my girls' bedrooms :) Have a lovely weekend doll xx

  3. Hope you have a lovely weekend too! And yes! Make these for your girls rooms. They will love them!

    xo Erica

  4. It's a great DIY to freshen up your walls! x

  5. Omg. These are solo cute. Saving them for a party idea! Thank you for sharing. :)


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